40 best home organisation tips of all time (part two)

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Here we are with part two of our 40 best home organisation tips, which we started yesterday. If you found yourself nodding along with some of our top tips, you know we are on the right track and that you have some serious work to do if you want to feel more organised. 

Luckily for you, we have another 20 fantastic ideas today which, when combined with yesterday's, will make you something of an organisational guru. Who knows, interior designers might start asking you how to add storage and functional systems to their clients' projects? 

If you're ready to get to grips with your home, let's begin!

21. Actually throw out some shoes

We see some of you looking horrified but admit it, you only wear about 4 pairs! 

22. Organise toys by age

Store little ones' toys away according to what age they are suitable for. When certain boxes are no longer explored, you know it's time for a charity shop run!

23. Hang as much clothing as you can

It looks neater, you can see everything at a glance and it's just simpler.

24. Take notice when your tastes change

If something you used to love now makes you raise an eyebrow, throw it out.

25. Sort small toys into drawers

Keep takeaway pots to sort Lego by colour for ultimate parent points.

26. Give in to gadgets

They aren't gimmicks if they actually help. Pull out pan drawers and carousels, for example, are brilliant!

27. Add one extra shelf at the top of cupboards

Add a shelf at the top of a wardrobe and you'll be shocked how much you can get up there.

28. Host a swap party

Encourage friends to have a big clear out when you do, then fire up the margarita blender and have a swap party! Anything that doesn't get claimed goes in the bin or to charity.

29. Keep plenty of bags for life handy

They always come in handy and when you need one there is never one to be seen.

30. Store container lids in a safe place

Flimsy plastic lids seem to get lost, so stack them in an old record or toast rack.

31. Question everything you buy

Do you need it? Can you afford it? Do you actually want it? If you paused at any of these, leave it.

32. Make a pile and dive in

Sorting out clothes and textiles seems like a chore but it can actually be fun. Pop on some music, make a huge pile of absolutely everything and go through it piece by piece.

And remember: store, recycle, donate or bin!

33. Mark out 'clean' areas

Busy spaces always get overwhelmed by clutter, so use masking tape to cordon off a space where nothing ever gets left. This might be for your trusty phone or notebook, but only you can use it!

34. Ask for an honest opinion

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If you don't trust yourself to be ruthless when it comes to clearing, call in your mum, best friend or mother-in-law. Someone who will be brutally honest is what you need.

35. Cherish memories, not clutter

If you notice that you hang onto things for sentimental reasons, not because you like them, then snap a pic and throw the item. Nostalgia is all in the mind and it's nice to keep it there.

36. De-clutter in timed bursts

Avoid getting burnt out when tidying by doing it in small bursts. Set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes at a go and you'll actually start to enjoy seeing how much you can get done!

37. Start with the pantry

When tackling the kitchen, start with your pantry cupboard and look at all the best before dates. You'll be shocked how much you throw out!

38. Join a library

Don't clutter your home up with books when you probably have a library nearby. Anything you love, you can buy after you've borrowed.

39. Organise spices alphabetically

It just makes sense. How much time will this save you?

40. Keep the manual

Keep the instructional manuals for all your expensive gadgets and toys. We know you probably don't read them (like us), but they will come in handy at some point. Have a box file where you keep them together.

Phew! You see how easy it is to keep your home organised and running like a finely-tuned machine? If you fancy some extra inspiration, head on over to this Ideabook: 15 clever storage ideas that'll make you say I'll try that!

Which of these tips are you going to try?

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