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We think a few of you have been waiting for this; our top picks of all the garden projects we saw in 2016. 

We talked a lot about gardens, including maintenance, creative ideas and protection for the colder months, but there were always a few wonderful projects that simply wouldn't leave our mind. This must be what it feels like to have the brain of a landscape architect

If you have some firm favourites, let us know what they are, but for now here are our top picks!

1. The perfect arrangement

Put fire and seating together in a garden and what do you get? The ideal al fresco social spot.

Everything about this deceptively simple set up had us obsessed, from the natural wood to the lights and the brick fire pit. We still want it!

2. Dining out

Making great use of an empty wall, this fantastic built-in barbecue had us daydreaming about installing something similar in our gardens. 

We definitely fancy some outdoor lighting and cupboard space to go with it as well.

3. Take a break

We looked at a host of lovely garden shades in summer and this abstract sail was our favourites. Creating stunning visuals in a garden, it's the best combination of fashion and function and we want a terrace just like this one.

4. Add some space

Do you remember this fabulous garden room? 

So much more interesting than a standard shed, we loved the idea of creating a garden annex for guests and when they can look this good, why wouldn't you? 

It even has a tiny terrace!

5. Take a seat

Who could forget this vision in pink? This garden, with it's fabulous seating and daring accent wall, made us take notice and think about getting some better furniture in our gardens. 

We might have also been tempted to buy pink paint, but that's a secret!

6. Have some private time

We were staggered by how amazing this terrace, complete with perfectly matching fencing looked.

The rich tones of the wood gave this small courtyard space a high-end finish and would have been a quick project to complete!

7. A perfect paradise

Speaking of courtyards, this one was a firm favourite in 2016 thanks to the painted fencing and almost shabby chic vibe. Fun cushions and plenty of potted plants gave us a whole load of small garden inspiration!

8. Try some tranquility

Looking at this garden again, we're reminded of why we loved it so much to start with. 

A super neat patch of lawn, crisp modern pathways and a touch of spirituality in the form of a garden sculpture really brought this space to life.

9. Don't forget the kids

It's all very well having a stunning garden, but if it's not geared towards the whole family it can fall a little flat. 

We really enjoyed seeing how this outdoor space catered for everyone, thanks to the addition of a lovely playhouse. We'd be happy to live in there!

10. On the down low

Low-maintenance garden ideas were at the top of your wishlists in 2016 and this gem really inspired us all. Artificial grass, a perfect patio and neat borders all added up to a stunning space that would be easy to look after.

11. Fabulous fencing

It might not be the most interesting thing in the world, but garden fencing went up a notch with this project.

This mix of painted and natural wood trellis fencing showed that even your most perfunctory garden additions can have a whole lot of style!

12. Material medley

We were fascinated to see so many garden projects making great use of materials in 2016 and this patio is a perfect example. Sandstone, slate and wood all work together to create beautiful shapes and textures and gave this home a whole new lease of life!

For more of the best projects from 2016, take a look at this Ideabook: homify's Kitchens of The Year 2016.

Which of these was a favourite for you?

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