​Which common hallway pitfalls have you fallen into?

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homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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When it comes to DIY interior design, entryways and hallways are quite possibly the easiest spaces available, yet often turn out to be the most overlooked. 

Hallways are the unsung heroes of your home – they link up the various rooms, which means it’s impossible to ignore them if you want to move from, say, the living room to the bedroom. And that is exactly why some time and creativity needs to go into their designs. But bear in mind that while they need to be beautiful, they must also bring forth some form of functionality, like helping with storage or lighting up your interiors.

Other mortals have tried to style up their hallways themselves and have failed miserably. Let’s learn from their mistakes, shall we?

1. A dim space

Make sure that walkway is well lit during both day and night.

2. A neglected front door should never occur

Treat it to a fresh new colour or add a striking plant pot or two.

3. Too much pattern

homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

That’s a sure-fire way to make your space seem even smaller. Skip the stripes and opt for solid colours.

4. Cluttered furniture

Be strategic about the chairs and/or tables you bring in.

5. Forgoing trim

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, look to trim and moulding to dazzle your hallway.

6. Too neutral is never good

Liven that hallway up with luxurious accents like gold mirrors, elegant wall sconces, a colourful floor rug, etc.

7. Skipping staircase design

There is no better focal point for a hallway than a stairwell, so have a little fun with your colours and patterns.

8. Forgoing windows

if you have the means to add a window or two, go for it! And we can’t stress the importance (and beauty) of a skylight enough.

9. Not using any baskets

They are life-savers in terms of easy hallway storage.

10. Having no designated place for keys and post

This can be as easy as using a hook or small drawer for those everyday items.

11. Bland rugs

Have some fun with a quirky design that showcases your personality.

12. Combining too many decorating styles

This runs the risk of creating an entrance that feels busy and stressful. Rather pick a few key features to enhance your hallway.

You should definitely check out these: 10 hallway lighting ideas for the home.

How else can we turn hallways into a “look at me” space?

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