10 unforgivable kitchen design errors

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The successful design of a kitchen is an essential part of a working interior. It really can be the small, simple details (tailored to the way that you cook and use the space) that can make it a most successful room to not only look at, but also spend time in.

However, for every ‘what to do’ there are a few ‘what not to dos’ to stay far away from – and these 10 design mistakes are definitely mishaps you do not want to be guilty of when designing your perfect kitchen.

Let’s see what they are…

1. Not using the space effectively

homify Modern kitchen

Kitchen layout matters greatly, and the available legroom you have will depend on what type of layout you can opt for, such as a U-shape, L-shape, wall kitchen, etc. 

Ensure that every bit of available space is used effectively, either for storage or working, to get the most out of your kitchen.

2. A kitchen with no colour

Regardless of the style (minimalism, rustic, modern) and materials used (concrete, marble, wood), any and every kitchen deserves some colour – and no, don’t think you can get away with slapping some neutral-toned surfaces onto your kitchen cabinetry and countertops and calling it a day.

See where you can bring in some fun tones: window treatment, stool cushions, tea towels, backsplash, etc.

3. Too little light

A space where you work with sharp objects and hot surfaces surely means you need to see properly. Thus, if you can’t opt for adding in more windows (or a skylight), then spice up those artificial kitchen lighting fixtures.

4. Insufficient legroom

In addition to chopping, cooking, stirring and socialising, you also need to do one other thing in your kitchen: move! 

Ensure your layout and legroom allow you to effectively move from the fridge to the island, and from the sink to the stove without any hassles.

5. No detail

Apatamento Portas de Benfica, INNER TREE INNER TREE

Whether it’s your backsplash or your tea towels, do try and bring in some motifs. 

Whether it’s black and white polka dots or neutral-toned stripes, tones and patterns can go a long way in adding some eye-catching pizzazz to any space, not only the kitchen.

6. Inadequate storage spaces

A successful kitchen needs a myriad of different accessories, from spatulas and coffee makers to window treatment and teaspoons. The trick, however, is not to leave these things out and about, as that will ensure a cluttered look.

Cabinets and pantries can help, and so can drawers and shelves. 

And please don’t start bringing in pieces from other rooms (like chairs or potted plants) to a kitchen that can barely cope with its limited legroom and storage space.

7. Restricting your actions

We all know what a fun and sociable place the kitchen can be, not to mention how terrific it can help us focus on work (all you need is a comfy chair and a table surface).

Ensure you opt for a layout that provides optimum opportunity for working, cooking, socialising, doing laundry (if possible), etc.

8. A space with no spirit

You know what we mean by “spirit” – those personal touches of the owner which lets everyone know this room/home belongs to them. Spirit is achieved by elements like family photographs, fridge magnets, flowers in vases, colourful textiles, etc. 

What features in your kitchen provide spirit?

9. A cramped dining space

Not all kitchens are large enough to accommodate a dining space. 

If yours is too small for a quaint little table, or even a single stool at the island, then rather opt for none at all – it’s much better than struggling in a cramped kitchen just because you had to have a table with chairs in there.

10. An outdated style

We can’t all be at the forefront of interior design trends, but that doesn’t excuse a kitchen that was last updated in the 1970s. 

Small touch-ups (repainting a wall, hanging new curtains, buying new chairs, updating the coffee machine, re-tiling the backsplash, etc.) don’t have to cost a lot, and when committing to these little spruce-ups every now and again, you are sure to enjoy a stylish and trendy kitchen. 

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What other kitchen design no-no’s are there?

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