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​Small things you should clean before Xmas guests arrive

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The holidays are here, which means that a lot of households worldwide will be receiving guests for the festive season, whether it’s in-laws, relatives, or friends from far away visiting for a few days. And in addition to checking that the pool’s clean and the bar is stocked, there are other things you should also be taking care of – like a clean house.

Nobody wants to watch guests choke on dust or slip in the shower, as that can put a severe damper on your holiday mood, not to mention your relationship with your family and friends.

So, to keep you from being the most terrible host ever, find herewith some often-overlooked spots in the house that also deserve a once-over before that doorbell chimes.

1. Your doormat

If your doorway ‘welcome’ mat is made of cotton or synthetic fibres, put it in the washing machine along with bath towels—wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. 

Just ensure not to clean them too often: the rubber backing can't withstand a weekly wash.

2. The remotes

Before you give your guests free reign over the remotes, make sure they’re not sticky or grimy. 

Give those remotes (the TV one, the air-con one, the one for the garage… ) a little wipe-down, as they’re quite notorious for collecting germs.

3. Your microwave

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No need to show your guests what you ate last week via spills and splatters. Place a bowl with a cup of water and a lemon slice in the microwave and turn it on high for several minutes. 

When done, let it cool for 15 minutes, and then wipe the inside clean with a sponge.

4. All the faucets

You don’t want your guest bathroom (or the kitchen) to have an “ewww” factor around the taps, do you? 

So banish the mildew and bacteria from the nooks and crannies with an old toothbrush. Those tiny bristles paired with warm water and soap will help you get into the deepest (and dirtiest) places you can't see.

5. Your soap dish or dispenser

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Clean Design

Master Bath

Clean Design

Don’t subject your guests to a gooey dish or a grimy dispenser. Scrub the build-up off with a wash cloth and warm water. 

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6. The shower tracks

Give those shower tracks a serious wipe-down before your guests set foot in it. Just let a paper towel soaked in vinegar sit on the track for 30 minutes before scrubbing the grime away with a small brush.

7. Those shower curtains

If that liner is made from plastic, toss it into your washer (with a few towels for extra cleaning agitation). Use the highest water level with a regular amount of detergent, and then simply hang to dry afterwards.

8. The air vents

Want your guests to breathe in fresh air? Vacuum loose dust off of vents. Then wrap your utensil in a microfibre cloth, which will not grab and hold onto dust particles.

9. All the blinds

If you’re not up for sending your visitors into a sneezing fit, banish those dust particles off all blinds. And there’s a handy kitchen utensil you can use: tongs! 

All you have to do is secure a microfibre cloth using rubber bands, then close the tool on a strand and pull it across.

10. The guest bedroom pillows

Master Bedroom Clean Design Modern style bedroom
Clean Design

Master Bedroom

Clean Design

Pillows collect dead skin cells, you know? So please toss down or fibre-filled pillows into your washing machine and consult the care tag for temperature settings.

For more sneaky cleaning tips, check out the: 10 dirty secrets of people whose homes are always clean.

What else deserves a once-over before guests arrive?

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