​12 cheap building materials perfect for a small home

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Just the idea of building a house from scratch can be quite intimidating, especially when one starts factoring in the associated costs. However, where there’s a will there is indeed a way, especially here on homify.

Opting for cheaper building materials just makes more sense if you’re on a budget – and we have found 12 perfect choices to help you construct a small-scale home in no time at all. Whether you opt for a rustic, modern, country or contemporary look, you are bound to find the material of your dreams (and your budget) simply by scrolling down…

1. Prefabricated materials

One of the greatest architectural evolutions ever, prefabricated houses are made off-site and simply constructed on the desired plot: simple, fast, and relatively cheap.

In addition, these houses can be constructed from a whole lot of different materials too – so many choices!

2. Concrete sheets

When a structure needs to come into existence quickly and easily, concrete sheets can be the perfect option. And fortunately, concrete is a very prized material as well, meaning those panels can be left completely bare for an oh-so stylish look.

3. Stone cladding

Stone cladding are light, beautiful, and so much easier to work with than regular stone. Thus, you still get the expensive look for far less labour!

4. Recycled shipping containers

Container homes are another popular option when it comes to creative and small-scale housing. And best of all, a range of different containers can be picked up for very cost-effective prices.

5. Reclaimed timber

Hold on before you toss that wood into the fire, as it can help build a very eye-catching structure that looks far more expensive than it actually is.

6. Corrugated metal

Reasonably priced? Looks great? Fit for all weather types? Yes, and seeing as the industrial style has really taken off lately, that is one more reason to add corrugated metal to our list!

7. Bamboo

This natural material, which is so easy to use, has been helping to build homes for who-knows-how long, which means it’s definitely good enough for today’s modern times.

8. Industrial iron

RSJ iron girders have also been enjoying immense popularity lately, as they are pure perfection for constructing a steadfast frame for a home that looks both sturdy and striking.

9. Traditional red brick

There’s a reason why so many brick structures exist – this material really works! And when it comes to this fantastically textured beauty, there’s really no doubt that it still continues to be a reliable (and pocket-friendly) building material.

10. Straw

Forget about the three little pigs, as a properly built straw roof is definitely not the stuff of fairy tales. Plus, you can’t beat the raw appeal of a straw thatch!

11. Natural stone

Building a stone home from scratch can be very costly; however, building into a pocket of natural stone means you’re only paying for the excavation work – terrific value for money!

12. Fresh concrete

Sturdy, cheap, and with an undeniably raw appeal, concrete is the number one choice for various architects and home builders worldwide. 

Like concrete? Then take a look at these: 33 uniquely stylish ways to use concrete in your home.

Which of these options would you consider?

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