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homify Top 5: Can I improve my small kitchen cheap and easily?

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We're all busy people, rushing around with places to go and people to see. So, we're very happy you've decided to spend a few minutes with us and take a look back at our most popular articles of the last seven days. Some might say it's a simple concept but we prefer efficient!

From cheap and easy ways to improve your small kitchen to helping you calculate how much extending your home could really cost you, there's plenty of variety in this week's top notch line up. 

Shall we get started? 

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1. ​Cheap and easy ways to improve your small kitchen

Bless the heart of the home, where we get to cook and dine, socialise and entertain, and do so many other things on a daily basis. And bless you for wanting that small and gloomy kitchen of yours to become much more open, functional and beautiful.

That is what we do here on homify, after all. When we’re not sharing clever ways in which you can quickly clean your house, we're treating you to what your star sign says your bedroom must actually look like – among other tips, of course.

But back to that kitchen: find herewith 10 easy ways that will add serious style to your kitchen while also keeping your budget intact.

2. All you need to know about damp (and how to fix it!)

Uma Casa Portuguesa - Ferraria de São João (Before) Uma Casa Portuguesa
Uma Casa Portuguesa

Uma Casa Portuguesa—Ferraria de São João (Before)

Uma Casa Portuguesa

While you may be living a picture-perfect life in your modern home with fabulous furnishings, there might be a hidden evil doing its worst without you suspecting a thing. Yes, damp can cause quite serious havoc and once spotted, needs to be dealt with severely. 

Poor ventilation is one of the main causes of damp. Like all things, a house also needs to breathe and rely on constant air circulation. Anything that impedes the flow of air through your home prevents moisture from escaping or evaporating, which leads to damp. 

With winter already in full swing, many people have started turning their homes into hermetically sealed boxes with little or no ventilation. As well as being bad for your health, this can also contribute big time to damp problems. 

Let’s take a look at some other causes and how to get rid of them.

3. Home improvements that don’t need planning permission

Dreaming about a renovation, remodelling or an extension to your house, yet not quite sure if you need to go through the whole planning-permission procedure? Many home improvement projects can be completed under Permitted Development Rights, which says that you do not need to apply for planning permission. 

But what exactly is planning permission? It is the official consent from the local planning authority, designed to control inappropriate development. It is required for projects such as building a new house and adding outbuildings (depending on their sizes), but not for the following 20 improvements

4. A small home that'll leave you in awe!

We love seeing smaller homes and how they have maximised the potential for space because, let's be honest, not many of us are living in mansions these days. 

This studio apartment is gorgeous to look at but also has a host of amazing storage and privacy solutions, which are all designed to make more of a tiny space and they succeeded, big time!  

Clearly curated by an interior designer that has known the struggle of living in a small space, every nuance of room has been put to great use, thereby coming together to create a vibe we'd be more than happy to come home to every day.  

How about you?

5. ​How much would extending my home really cost me?

Ground Floor Extension, Drury Rd London Building Renovation Classic style houses
London Building Renovation

Ground Floor Extension, Drury Rd

London Building Renovation

Planning a guest bedroom? How about extending that terrace or spacing up your kitchen and/or dining area? Unless you’re living in a dream world, that extension you’re thinking of will cost some money – but the question then becomes, how much money?

What does a typical extension cost these days? What if it extends to your top floor as well, or you feel like splurging on some high-end materials like stone tiles?  

To give you a rough idea of what an extension in the UK costs these days (and to help you plan out a strategy and budget), follow this link.

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