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9 reasons you should choose a wooden modular home

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Wooden modular houses are the building of the future, providing amazing design opportunities for the homes of tomorrow. As they offer fast assembly, being made of several separate modules, they quickly make a property that is ready to inhabit. Boasting impressive design, complete with cosy living spaces, on trend kitchens and a unique architectural appearance, they have everything that any home could possibly need, thanks to their futuristic and extraordinary flexibility.

We have found some of our favourite examples of modular homes to show you so pull up a chair and have a look at what we think are the perfect representations of why you need to consider modular living for your next home.

Materials with benefits

Timber Clad Exterior Facit Homes Wooden houses
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

Facit Homes created this wooden modular home in a Scandinavian style to highlight the possibility that building with wood offers. In addition to being recyclable and biodegradable, wood is also a source of energy that allows for good insulation, not to mention conservation and sustainability-friendly design.

The use of large windows encourages high light penetration, ensuring that the house doesn't remain dark inside, but feels light, airy and roomy and with the large patio doors fully open, it is hard to clarify where the outside ends and the inside begins. 

Modern appeal

The wooden modular house can always fit perfectly into its environment, especially when built with locally sourced materials so as to minimise the carbon footprint of the home.

The proportions of this house are large and finished in a contemporary, almost to the point of industrial, way. Highlighting the rapid build potential, the house has been infused with spaces that were able to evolve quickly  from drawing to innovative design stages. Including some of the most modest to the most ambitious projects ever seen, modular homes can work with any budget, offering comfortable accommodation that hasn't compromised on aesthetics at the end of the build.

Simple to build

This house is a fantastic example of exactly why wooden modular homes are so popular! The timber frame home here is all on a single level and stretches to an impressive 24 metres long, which has been dictated by the long and narrow plot. 

The modular wooden house has been built with ease and thanks to the innovative use of a variation of the main material, in the form of the larch cladding, over time, the house will take on a beautiful silver-grey hue that will ensure it comes to blend in with the urban surroundings, that no doubt include grey concrete. The timber frame structure ensures flexibility, easy assembly and most crucially, allows owners to choose a design that speaks to them aesthetically.


Wow. We love this small but perfectly formed wooden modular home that resides in the Alicante region. Though tiny, in comparison to many modern builds, it is a real masterpiece that shows just how well modules that are made entirely in a workshop can integrate with their surroundings. Boasting quality and a flawless finish, this small timber framed structure ensures flexibility while also delivering on its mandate to be an eco-friendly and sustainable way of building and living. 

With everything you could possibly need for a comfortable and visually pleasing home, this is a great example of how wooden modular houses can be as small or as colossal as you want them to be, without ever negating on style.

Design flair

This beautiful wooden modular home, which is situated in the centre of a magnificent plot, has been oriented to take advantage of the huge amounts of natural sunlight that wash over the site. In addition, framed views of the stunning garden have also been captured by placing this fabulous wooden box home exactly where it is. 

Contemporary, cubic and compact in form, the house is organised around a central living space that has been kept largely open to the outside, an aspect which has clearly had a major role to play in the design overall. As the house ages, so too will the cladding, helping to draw the property, as a whole, back into nature and that is when this wonderfully simple design will really come into its own!


The modular wooden house can be a luxurious structure, as well as a simple one, especially with modules which are made entirely in a bespoke workshop, contributing to a high quality and flawless finish. 

Opting to use opulent, honey toned wood for the structure of a home makes for a luxe finish that it hard to beat, but including large windows as well allows natural light to pour in and intensify the overall impact. Modules of different sizes can be selected, with owners choosing according to their needs, budget, functionality and aesthetic values, with each element being prepared independently for on site connection and cohesion. What's even better, is that of you decide you would like some extra room, it's as easy as ordering another module!


The fantastic thing about working with natural materials is that they are warm, relaxing and induce a sense of well-being. In the case of wood, architectural flexibility is an added bonus as wooden framed modular houses are easily scalable, making for easy size adjustments or extensions, as long as you have the garden to stretch out into!

This example is wonderful as it has been filled to the brim with stunning glazing that will support the naturally insulating properties of the wood to make for a warm and inviting home all year round. Far from simply being a box made from wood, modular designs such as this one are as flexible as the imaginations of the owners and their design teams and we think the potential they offer is limitless.

Good for height

The magic of this modular wooden house is that it takes full advantage of available height, possibly because floorspace may have been restricted. Adeptly mirroring the cliff that it is sat atop, this tall, elegant and simple structure seeks to make great use of every available millimetre of room, without becoming ostentatious or showy.

As the cladding ages, the house will seek to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, becoming an extra hue of silvery grey in a natural landscape and this is essentially the most impressive thing about wooden modular homes. Though they can be placed anywhere, they also have the ability to take on adaptive camouflage that allows them to disappear whether in a rural or urban setting.


This beautiful wooden modular home sits serenely on the beach at St Girons and without sacrificing anything in terms of aesthetics or quality materials, this house has been designed so that the balance of design and industrialisation was maintained, with cost effectiveness always in mind.

It's astounding to see just how versatile and adaptable wooden modular houses can be. From cliff tops to beachfront and deep forest locations, they blend themselves into nature, offer the type of flexibility and adaptability that no other material can and offer fantastic value for money. We certainly don't need any more convincing that these homes are the future, in fact, we want one now!

For more modular inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: A House To Go.

Could modular living be for you? Tell us below!

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