​10 things to remember for your festive guests arriving

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However festive, exciting and delightful the Christmas season can be (especially when it comes to inviting over friends and family), we all know that it can be quite stressful as well (like inviting over friends and family!). 

Simple things like food and décor touches suddenly become difficult challenges, with far too many things to juggle in ensuring that everything runs as smooth as possible. So, before you have a little holiday meltdown, allow us to help out with some clever tips on how to create the perfect environment for your holiday guests this end-of-year season.

1. A clean and tidy home

This one is a no-brainer, as your guests don’t want to experience a grimy bathroom floor, a sticky kitchen countertop, or a messy living room. 

Clean, clean and clean!

2. A warm and welcoming atmosphere

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes – they have travelled far to reach your house, so they must really be looking forward to entering a warm, safe and comfortable space. 

Focus on special touches like lighting up that fireplace, drawing back the window treatment for some natural living room lighting, switching on lights to have your interiors welcome them with charmingly illuminated spaces, etc.

3. A fresh and tidy bedroom

Pay special attention to where your guests will be sleeping during their stay in your home. Do you have adequate bedding, clean linen, warm fabrics (hint: ‘tis cold outside!), etc?  

Offer up extra layers like blankets and throws at the foot of your bed, which will also go a long way in giving the room an elegant and warm appearance.

4. Special little details

Extra little touches to show that you’re thinking of your guests’ comfort will also make a big impact. Think of elements like a chocolate on their pillow, fresh flowers for the room, fluffy pillows, a box of tissues on the bedside table, etc.

5. A safe bathroom

Don’t let your guests suffer a broken elbow this holiday season. Along with presenting them with a clean bathroom, make sure it’s also a safe space: invest in non-slip mats and surfaces. 

Interior designers, bathroom planners and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

6. Extra towels

It happens to most people that they forget to pack important things when they’re preparing for a journey. Although we’re not suggesting that you stand ready and waiting with extra underwear for your guests, offering them bathing towels will score you some host-of-the-year points.

homify hint: Ensure your guests know where to find extra toilet paper in their bathroom. And, if possible, add some extra tubes of toothpastes or disposable toothbrushes in case they forgot theirs.

7. A comfy kitchen with extra snacks

‘Tis the season to be snacking! Although you don’t have to resort to a pantry bursting with holiday food, have a few essential extras for guests to munch on. And don’t forget to buy a bit more of the basics, like milk, coffee and tea.

8. Ample seating space

In addition to ensuring you have enough food, make sure you have adequate seating, especially when it comes to that festive holiday dinner you’re planning. 

You might also want to invest in a long bench with fluffy pillows – a very modern and trendy element to have – which can help squeeze in a few more people.

9. Drinks for toasting

This time of year puts just about everybody in a celebratory mood. Thus, stock up that wine rack and make sure you have adequate amounts of beverages (remember the non-alcohol drinkers) for toasting around the dinner table.

10. Festive decorations

Christmas Lifestyle, M&S M&S Rustic style living room

Remembering to put up the right festive décor will ensure your guests have a cheery festive season away from their home. Light up that Christmas tree and hang a wreath on your front door.

Merry Christmas!

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What other nice touches can you think of?

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