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Decorating home ideas from interior experts

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Novodeco Modern living room
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Some people see home furnishing and decorating as a hobby, while others have chosen it for their profession. Regardless of whether you dabble in the occasional DIY touch-ups or rather put your home’s look in the expert hands of an interior designer, there is no denying that sprucing up a room (or an entire house) can be quite fun.

However, when going about that decorating task with closed eyes, the end results will be anything but fun. That’s right, the combination of colours and materials you bring into your space definitely speak volumes about your ability as a decorator, not to mention your personal taste.

So, to keep your image spotless and stylish, let’s see the 9 decorating mistakes you’d best avoid!

1. Too much minimalism

Novodeco Modern living room

The minimalist design style can definitely make any space look contemporary, clean and stylish – if incorporated correctly. But when this style fails, the room in question can look quite stark, unfinished and empty. 

Ensure that you opt for enough cosy and comfy touches to present a comfortable and soft living space – sometimes it’s amazing what some soft, flowing drapes and beautiful wall art can bring to a room.

2. Bad lighting

Whether you’re decorating the kitchen or the nursery, adequate lighting is essential (especially if the room you’re busy with wasn’t blessed with generous windows and lots of natural lighting). 

homify hint: Opt for layered lighting to ensure a sufficiently illuminated space, i.e. beautiful wall sconces as well as a table lamp or two.

3. A mix-up of materials

Combining different materials adds interest to a room, but please consider how the relevant colours and designs will impact the overall theme and ambience of the space. 

Avoid incorporating colours that are not complementary; go with a neutral base (such as white or cream) that showcases a bright spot here and there (hot red, cool turquoise, etc.) for a sleek and contemporary design.

4. A failed layout

Those rooms in your home not only have to look beautiful, they must be functional as well – and when you’re struggling to move comfortably from one spot to the other, you’ve failed in your task as interior decorator. 

Consider where you place your furniture and how they impact the legroom required for walking.

5. A cluttered look

homify Modern bathroom

The cluttered look will never ever be in style! Thus, do what you can to bring in storage options, regardless of whether you’re decorating the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. 

We always love a good dose of open shelving to instantly transform a bathroom into a comfortable and practical space.

6. Forgetting the details

You may think that certain design elements are purely there to fill up space, but you’re wrong. 

Whether it’s the sink faucets, the shower curtain, the sofa scatter cushions or the wall art in the home office, double check that your choices of décor pieces complement the overall look of the space.

7. Leaving out personal touches

Although décor guidelines have been implemented for a reason, nobody wants to walk into your home and see a 100% replica of an interior-design magazine. You need to add your own personality and touches to your spaces, otherwise those rooms will look beautiful but bare. 

Ideas to achieve this include: your choice of patterned fabric for cushions, framed family photographs, personal keepsakes on shelves, your favourite novels displayed on a bookcase, etc.

8. Dark corridors

Corridors and hallways that are not privy to lots of natural lighting should not be coated with dark and bold colours and materials. 

Rather include a bright and vibrant colour scheme, as well as ample artificial lighting points, that will charm your guests into exploring more of your home.

9. A space that’s much too busy

Even though you’d love to show off every single décor piece you picked up on your worldwide travels, keep your room’s space in mind. It doesn’t take much to achieve a cramped look. Rather display only a handful of those snow globes (or mugs or photographs), and store the others (you can always rotate them out on a seasonal/monthly basis).

And remember that while larger living areas are blessed with more space for furniture, you’d be better off sticking to the neutral tones and fewer textured pieces so the room appears more trendy and softer on the eye. 

Speaking of furniture, best take a look at: 10 interior design trends that are SO last year and should be changed.

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