36 ideas for stunning modern stairs

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You know, there was a time when the most exciting thing you could do with your stairs was add some funky carpet, but now the possibilities are endless! Of course, ripping out an existing staircase and replacing it with something more modern is a big undertaking, but when you see the examples we have for you today, we think you might be tempted nonetheless! 

Architects have been playing around with staircase design for years now and it really shows, as gone are the traditional boxed-in wooden varieties with chunky banisters, in favour of more fancy cantilevered or even glass designs. 

We've identified some key trends:

Lighting - We are seeing more and more amazing lit staircases, with sunken spotlights or wall-mounted styles proving to be the most popular. Not only is this a practical move forward though, as when lit in the evening they create a really beautiful ambience in your hallway!

Cantilevered - Don't you just love seemingly floating staircases that jut out of the wall and look as though they're totally unsupported? It's all down to the clever engineering behind them and the effect is spectacular, if a little scary at first!

Glass - Whether it's used as a safety rail or for the treads themselves, glass is being seen so much more in modern staircase design and we are huge fans of it. It helps to keep natural light flowing around your home, whereas old-fashioned varieties stop it dead in its tracks.

Open tread—Not new, per se, but open tread staircases are making a big comeback. In open-plan home design particularly, they're proving to be really popular as they mirror the unconstrained layout of the rest of a house.

Integrated storage - All that dead space that used to languish under standard stairs is being put to such good use these days, as hidden storage! Whether sleek doors are added to the front to hide it from sight, or it is open and proud, we can't get enough of these amazingly handy little cubbyholes that we now don't know how we lived without!

If you're ready to take a look at some breathtaking modern staircases, let's delay no more! 

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