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20 best home décor trends that defined 2016 (part one)

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Gebr. Gröger OHG Eclectic style bathroom
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2016 has been a great year in terms of interior home design and we thought it might be fun to recap all the biggest trends in order to see which will continue into next year. 

Looking at all the amazing projects interior designers have been completing over the past 12 months, we've picked up on what was hot and we've loved each and every fashion.

If you're curious to see what was big news in 2016 and really defined the year in terms of style and design, come with us now as we enjoy part one of our round up!

1. Black stainless steel

A surprise contender, black stainless steel popped up everywhere, from home offices to kitchens. Black appliances were particularly popular and we think they will be again next year, which we wouldn't mind at all!

The finish looks sleek and is super durable, so what's not to love?

2. Floral

Tropical Night silk bed linen homify BedroomTextiles Silk Purple/Violet

Tropical Night silk bed linen


In particular, granny floral had a huge revival in 2016, with chintzy curtains and heavily patterned bed linen both being massively in demand. 

They do create a wonderfully romantic feel, so we can see why they were en vogue.

3. Formal dining rooms

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern dining room
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

Once a forgotten interior design choice, formal dining rooms were back with a bang in 2016! Stunning tables and classy chairs were everywhere to be seen and we particularly noticed a surge in glass tabletops. 

We wonder if this will be a big thing next year too?

4. Mismatched kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Design (Fridge Area) Creazione Interiors
Creazione Interiors

Kitchen Design (Fridge Area)

Creazione Interiors

One colour cabinets were so 2015, as this year was the official rebirth of mix and match design. 

With so many high street kitchen shops offering one style in a myriad of colours, it's easy to recreate this fashion and we're pretty tempted to!

5. Marble accents

Certain materials are timeless for a reason and marble is one of them. 

It looks great in any room, instantly adds glamour and style and never goes out of style, so it was no shock to us that marble was back! Mainly because it never left to begin with.

6. Statement bathroom mirrors

For everyone that wanted to add a touch of opulence to ordinary household items, fancy statement mirrors were a must have buy in 2016. We saw a lot of gilded, intricate frames, as well as more gothic and chunky varieties and loved them all.

Bathrooms never looked so good!

7. Bidets

Don't mind if we do! A consistent installation over in America, bidets went out of style in the UK for a while but they made a big splash in 2016. 

The perfect way to add a little sophistication and international appeal to a functional space, they're fancy as hell and here to stay. That's a prediction!

8. Tech-free living rooms

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style living room
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Do you remember when living rooms were always designed to work around a television? We do, but 2016 turned its back on that completely, in favour of tech-free living spaces. 

This is a healthy way to minimise the impact of dross television programming and will have encouraged some families to get much closer. Everyone wins!

9. Raffia

We really couldn't have predicted that raffia would be back, but there it was, infiltrating every room and surface in 2016. 

A fantastic weave variety, it was used to create textural statement wallpaper, as well as cushions and other textile objects, adding organic styling to even the most urban homes. 

We aren't done with this one, we can tell you that!

10. Fireplaces

Working or not, fireplaces were big news in 2016 and we loved seeing what everyone was doing with them. Restoration projects were common, as well as new installations, but one thing is certain; you're all seeing the value in a beautiful fireplace. 

Even empty ones were being filled with candles!

Come back tomorrow for part two, but in the meantime, let's take a look at: 30 things that shouldn't be in your home (if you're 30+).

Which of these trends did you embrace?

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