Brilliantly Updated Edwardian Terrace

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Milman Road Syte Architects Terrace house
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Located not too far from Regent's Park in London's NW6 postcode is this once typical, Edwardian terrace home. Normally, the home at the end of a row of terrace houses will terminate in a blank brick side elevation, but this is not the case with this new extension project from London architectural firmSyte.

Looking to add contemporary flair to an otherwise quintessential terraced house, Syte set out to give it a modern twist, whilst still respecting the existing brick work and slate roofing, and also not interfering with the flow of these types of attached dwellings.

Join us for a look around this beautiful home!

Typical Edwardian terrace

Milman Road - rear extension Syte Architects Terrace house
Syte Architects

Milman Road—rear extension

Syte Architects

Before work began, the brick home was very typical of the era; dark brickwork and small windows characterised these types of houses.

Two-storey rear extension

Milman Road - garden elevation Syte Architects Terrace house
Syte Architects

Milman Road—garden elevation

Syte Architects

From the front of the home the extension is not visible. However, as the home is at the end of the row of terraces, the extension can seen from the perpendicular street.

Defined by the site conditions and restraints, Syte have done a fantastic job with the two-storey brick extension, of which the most notable characteristic are the corner bay windows wrapping around the rear of the home.

A view from below

Milman Road - close up on extension Syte Architects Terrace house
Syte Architects

Milman Road—close up on extension

Syte Architects

The corner bay window of the upper level hangs over the ground-floor of the extension, adding texture and interest to the home.

Natural light

Milman Road - master bedroom Syte Architects Modern style bedroom
Syte Architects

Milman Road—master bedroom

Syte Architects

You can imagine the transformation the new floor-to-ceiling wrapping windows have made for the occupants. 

With its south-facing aspect, the home on both levels is never without natural light, as long as the sun allows.

Creative kitchen design

Milman Road - cherrywood kitchen Syte Architects Modern kitchen
Syte Architects

Milman Road—cherrywood kitchen

Syte Architects

Looking back towards the interior of the home, modern and sophisticated décor can be seen, which gives an illusion of extra space due to the elongated nature of the kitchen island, dining table, and full-length built-in sideboard. 

Notice the unconventional addition of a small bookshelf on the end of the kitchen island, which is an often wasted space.

Floating staircase

Milman Road - oak & walnut staircase Syte Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Syte Architects

Milman Road—oak & walnut staircase

Syte Architects

Connecting the levels of the home is this wonderful staircase of glass and timber. The translucent balustrades ensure the thoroughfare is afforded maximum natural light.

Upper level

Milman Road - study Syte Architects Modern study/office
Syte Architects

Milman Road—study

Syte Architects

The upper level is home to an inviting home office space, which is filled with light and minimally decorated; two key elements conducive to productive work. Light is allowed in from the glass panels that overlook the interior staircase. This is a smart design, allowing the room to be illuminated in what might have previously been a dark space.

As you can see, not all terraced homes are the same. As London's Victorian and Edwardian homes begin to become outdated and not suited to the 21st century, more and more modern extensions will be added to these historic buildings, changing the face of London's residential landscape, whilst respecting the special place they hold in the city's iconic housing.

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