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This boring 80s home gets modern!

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We’ve all seen it: a house that presents adequate space and a special architectural look, yet isn’t really living up to its full stylish potential via its outdated materials and/or colours. 

Today we encounter another such example that presents so much potential, yet is hindered from flaunting a “wow” look. But cheer up; do you really think we would subject you to such a house if it didn’t have a happy ending? That’s right, because seeing as this is ‘before and after’, we get to see how this house’s outdated materials and shabby shades get treated to a modern makeover via one tremendous renovation that didn’t stop once the exterior façade was completed…

Before: The house from the 80s

Don’t get us wrong – the 1980s were fantastic and delivered some of the best elements ever (like music). But this house is sadly one of the features that got stuck in time. 

Those dark brown tones project a rather sad and depressing look, even though the physical structure shows off so much promise.

Let’s see what the fascinating makeover accomplished…

After: The new and modern look

Fantastic! It’s like looking at a completely different house. Of course the makeover involved a lot more than simply the changing of the exterior tones, yet the new crisp whites are the first things we notice here.

And don’t overlook the garden and lawn which (thankfully) also got dragged into modern times via a fresh new look.

Before: The other side

Back to the ‘then’ stage, when the house was still stuck with a dull brown look. 

This perspective shows us what the rear side and back garden looked like – lots of space, true, yet we can’t think that anybody would enjoy spending time here with that depressing mixture of tones.

After: The new look

What a difference some creative thinking and a commitment to beauty can make (as well as hard work, of course). 

In addition to changing up the colour palette, the conservatory/sunroom extension was taken out, welcoming in its place a new porch. And notice the smaller details that all announce to us that some serious work was achieved here, like the windows flaunting a new (much more modern) style, and the disappearance of the shoddy little garden area.

Work in progress

Like we mentioned, this renovation ventured inside to treat the interiors to a brand new look as well. Here we see… something happening. Could it be a new wall? Could the floors have gotten a new look? 

Let’s look at the end results…

After: The sleek and stylish kitchen

Well now, this space definitely has a look that can convince anybody to spend more time in the kitchen. Although it might be a bit modest in size, the style is so chic and contemporary that we completely forget about the limited legroom. 

A crisp white colour palette adds so much visual spaciousness, with bits and pieces of stainless steel ensuring the right amount of shine. 

And we heard a little birdie chirping that the living room also has a new look…

After: The clean and calm living room

The same clean and serene style of the kitchen is carried over into the new living room, albeit with a cosier look. The spacious room becomes so much grander thanks to the minimalist approach in interior design – and just check out the glow factor achieved by the lighting (both artificial and natural). 

It does our hearts a world of good to see sad and old spaces get a second chance in life with a fresh, new look! 

The age of makeover miracles are far from over, proved by this: 300m² dead garden is brought to life.

Tell us what you think of this modern makeover!

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