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Cheap and easy home improvement ideas

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We all want our homes to look gorgeous and function well, but there are varying levels of commitment, don't you think? While some people have a no-holds barred, no expense spared approach, others like to do small, inexpensive things that will have a big impact and not requite a massive amount of effort. 

In the interest of full disclosure, we are the second, so looked at what interior designers do to make homes that bit more special and unique, then came up with some quick, easy and cheap home improvements for you to try. We're not assuming  you're the same as us, but who doesn't like a bargain every now and then? Not to mention amazing results that take no effort!

Let's dive in and see what you could do to make your home super special…

1. Bedroom decals

Less hole-inducing for your wall, bedroom decals can add a touch of fun or romance and peel straight off when you don't like them any more.

2. Stunning bedroom textiles

Don't worry about plain or blank bedroom walls, just detract from them with amazing bed linen. Embroidered, bright and colourful varieties are all impossible to ignore.

3. Mismatched bedside tables

Having matching bedside tables was so 2015 guys, so get with the times and embrace some mismatched furniture. This is great as you can use whatever you have laying around and pretend it's fashion!

4. DIY pallet beds

Home staging Berlin Cocolapine Design Scandinavian style rooms
Cocolapine Design

Home staging Berlin

Cocolapine Design

Cheap, easy to make and sturdy, pallet beds are fast becoming a must have item for funky homes and we think they look pretty beautiful.

5. Foldaway sofa beds

If you have a super small room, you don't want a standard bed taking up all the space! Try a sofa bed that can simply fold away, so your room will be comfy and usable until you need to go to sleep.

6. Pretty day beds

If a sofa bed seems too 'student' for you, a day bed is a great compromise. 

Still smaller and more out of the way than a normal bed, a day bed has a little more style and less mechanisms to worry about than a sofa bed.

7. Small L-shaped kitchens

Don't see those corners as a big issue… use them for your kitchen upgrade! Seriously, an L-shaped kitchen offers lots of storage and maximises the space easily.

8. DIY plywood cabinets

If you can't find the exact kitchen cabinet doors you want, make them! Simple plywood doors look amazing and can be painted that exact shade that you can't find anywhere.

9. Integrated islands and tables

Essentially just a small table that connects to the island, this idea prevents furniture from going it alone and taking up more space. Connect everything and there's an anchor and a purpose that looks great.

10. Feature walls

Paint, paper, tiles or exposed brick… feature walls look amazing and make an entire room feel more put together and considered.

11. Simple innovations

It's the little things that make a big difference, so grab some drawer inserts and see how much quicker you find what you need and how much less clutter gets left inside. 

12. Pared back lighting

Lighting doesn't have to be the fanciest part of the room. Simple pendulum styles are fashionable, cheap and easy to install, so try some out.

13. Space-saving furniture

If you can find some furniture that will do two jobs in one, it's worth buying! This vanity and storage unit works perfectly for a small bathroom.

14. Mosaic tiles

Easy to install, thanks to the net backing, mosaic tiles are a fast and inexpensive way to make any room look a lot more fancy and beautiful.

15. Corner showers

Once the very height of bathroom chic, corner showers are back, with super simple designs and chunky hardware. Make more of that dead corner in your bathroom!

16. Rustic wooden storage

It'll go anywhere, work with any colour scheme and adds bags of practical storage, so why wouldn't you invest in some rustic storage shelves?

17. Portable linen baskets

Cheap and freely available, portable laundry baskets help to keep spaces free from dirty cloths but also add a touch of style themselves, if you choose the right fabric.

Washing never looked so good!

18. Upcycled crate storage

You can pick up bottle and fruit crates pretty cheap or even for free these days, so stack, stick and paint for a unique but on-trend storage system.

19. Vintage armchairs

Even when the rest of your furniture is contemporary, you can make space for one vintage armchair. Something with character and an unusual design always looks great and they can be snapped up so cheaply!

20. Studio designs

It can pay to furnish as though each space is a studio apartment in a small home. By doing this, you'll find you maximise the practicality and usability of every room. 

We do like a studio with a strong accent colour… just look at that red!

21. Tile-effect flooring

When you want the look but don't have the time or skill to lay a tiled floor, simply grab the tile-effect lino! It's really convincing and freshens a floor in minutes.

For more tips and tricks, take a look at this Ideabook: 24 easy projects that'll transform your home.

Which of these do you fancy trying in your home?

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