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18 fixes for every home's most annoying problems (part one)

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It doesn't matter how perfect your interior design scheme is, how much you clean or how you upgrade your home, they ALL have little niggly issues that seem impossible to deal with, until now! We think we have really honed in on some of the most seemingly insignificant but actually, very impactful, things that your home does to annoy you and we've come up with some solutions too! We do need to thank all the amazing interior designers out there that are happy to share their trade secrets, but if we talk about your home's most annoying attribute, you can thank them all too! Don't forget to come back tomorrow, as this is just part one!

1. Squeaky floorboards.

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Towel warmers

Style Within

There's nothing worse than spending days on end repairing, sanding and varnishing your floorboards only to get a squeak, It'll drive you mad if you let it, but a simple squirt of talcum powder, down between the offending boards, will sort everything out in an instant!

2. Funky smells.

It's not so much of an unpleasant smell, it's more of a lingering whiff of something and no matter how long you have lived in your home, you can't quite figure it out. Sound familiar? Your best course of action is to pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil in a small dish, on top of your wood burner or stove. It'll naturally radiate out and cover the smell!

3. Running toilet.

If your bathroom toilet sounds as though it is perpetually refilling, you have what is known as a running toilet. It's usually a case of a seal or part of the flush mechanism degrading and by replacing the flush, you should totally eradicate the problem. If you're a bit nervous, just take a picture of how it is supposed to look in there, as a reference tool!

4. Foggy windows.

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Bay Window Storage Seater

Paul D'Amico Remodels

We know you are hoping that there will be a miracle quick fix here, but there isn't. We're sorry to break it to, we really are. The best thing to do is have a new sealed unit installed into your existing frame, which actually won't cost as much as you might think and it will improve your energy efficiency no end as well.  

5. Dripping taps.

This is such an easy fix that you'll be amazed and you won't ned to call a plumber out either! Turn your water off, take off the top part of the tap and insert a new rubber washer. Job done! Just remember that turning your taps off too hard is actually the main cause of seal degradation and they'll last a long time!

6. Holes in your walls.

It's time to get your DIY on, as simple wall filler and pretty pictures are a quick and easy way to cover all those pesky holes! You can but ready-mixed and fast-drying filler now, which makes everything far easier, so fill, sand, apply a little paint, then hang some pictures.

7. Stripped screws.

Pair of Nickel Twisted Burcot Door Knobs UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques HouseholdAccessories & decoration
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Pair of Nickel Twisted Burcot Door Knobs

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

What a bugbear stripped screw heads are! An easy way to get them out, so you can replace them, is to pop an elastic band into the head, then gently push your screwdriver in and turn SLOWLY. The elastic will act as a gripping agent and allow you to remove those old hat screws!

8. Rotting window sills.

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How is Light Connected to Your Working Experience?

Shiny Window Cleaning London

If your window sills have seen better days, you might not need to totally replace them! Most carpenters will just cut out rotten sections and butt new wood into the recess! With some sanding and a few coats of paint, your sills will look good as new and not have cost a lot to fix.

9. Fingerprints on stainless steel.

Daval Painted Kitchen - Kitchen Design Surrey Raycross Interiors Classic style kitchen
Raycross Interiors

Daval Painted Kitchen—Kitchen Design Surrey

Raycross Interiors

You didn't scrimp on your kitchen appliances and you bought the gorgeous stainless steel versions, but now they are covered in greasy fingerprints! Argh! A simple way to resolve this is to gently spritz your surfaces with olive oil, before polishing. The oil will prevent any fingerprints from sticking!  

Come back tomorrow for part two and in the meantime, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 practical ideas for everyone's kitchen.

Which of these ideas will come in most handy?

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