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Choosing a chair for your office

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With more and more of our time spent working at home and in the office, it is vital we choose a chair that suits our needs, both ergonomically and stylishly. Whether you sit a desk sporadically throughout the day, or conversely, spend most of your day seated, a good office chair is a necessity for productivity and efficiency.  But where to start? The first thing to consider is the amount of time you will be spending at your desk. If you find yourself seated for long periods of time, you will want to consider the foot rest, seat depth adjustment, backrest height and seat angle. Contrariwise, if you are active within your workspace, you may want something stylish and comfortable, a robust piece of furniture that can be utilised away from the desk as well as in the office

Take a look at the following examples of stylish and multi-functional desk chairs, and increase your efficiency with well-designed and thoughtful seating.

How to choose your chair

First things first, choosing an office chair might seem like an easy task, but when it comes to the huge number of choices, styles and prices, you may be left feeling confused and daunted. More often than not, we place our time and effort into finding a suitable table, forgetting that the chair is actually the place we will be spending most of our time—and while we want a stylish desk, a stylish and comfortably ergonomic chair is actually the most important purchase. Firstly, choose something comfortable, avoid buying online unless you have tested the chair yourself, as it may look great, but might be unsuitable for your posture. Secondly, pick a chair that offers enough support—with a great deal of time spent at the desk, you will want to ensure it is supportive and accommodating. Finally choose a chair that is stylish and in-keeping with your home office décor—there is no point having a comfortable chair if you cannot stand to look at it, or it ruins your aesthetic style and taste.


Adjustability, lumbar support, fabric, wheel base, and swivel base, all elements you will want to consider when you choose your office chair—if you are spending a great deal of time at your desk, you will want to familiarise yourself with these terms and ensure your new purchase fulfils all of your requirements. This example illustrates a typical stylish desk chair that swivels, is ergonomically designed, and generally suitable for those who spend a medium to long period sitting at a table.

Traditional comfort

If however, you do not spend very much time at your desk, or you simply want a comfortable desk chair to sit, write or read, you may want to consider a traditional upholstered chair. These chairs do not have any adjustability, so they are not suitable for longer sessions of work, or those using a computer. They are however extremely stylish and perfect for a writing desk, or a small bedroom study, as they fit in excellently with the chosen décor and design of the space.

Original origami

Perhaps you want something that is comfortable, easy to relax within, but is not as plush as a fully upholstered chair? This origami inspired chair redefines standard desk seating, and infuses angular geometric perspectives to create seating that is interesting and original. Choose a desk chair such as this if you find yourself seated for short periods of time, or are lightly active within your workspace.

Interesting and intriguing

Would you like something a little extraordinary and innovative? This desk and chair system employ a sense of Japanese minimalism and create a setting that is interesting, comfortable and stylish. Although this chair is well-designed and functional, it is not going to be as ergonomically designed as a fully adjustable swivel chair, so consider this if you are active within your work space and do not intend to be seated for long hours in your office.

Perhaps a stool?

Want something different altogether? Try a stool instead. These little swivel stools are the perfect addition to a home study, or work office, and can improve posture as they encourage an upright seated position. Ensure you choose a stool that is adjustable and one that has maximum manoeuvrability for your office space.

Do you have a great office chair, and which seating option is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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