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Quintessentially British, cottage gardens are a distinct and memorable informal collection of plants and flowers. While formal English gardens favour defined spaces and well-pruned plants, cottage style gardens are a labyrinth of colour and texture. One of the most important things to remember when creating your cottage garden, is that this style baulks the rulebook in many ways—it is a vibrant phantasmagoria of tangled fronds, bright blooms and lively patterns. One of their more desirable features, is the relatively easy or low-maintenance style they offer. The design is relaxed, colourful and fun, it evokes a sense of whimsicality and frivolity, and if you are looking for a tranquil yet cheerful garden design, this is it! 

Transport yourself to the luxurious nonchalance of a cottage garden and you will find yourself filled with a sense of unconcerned grace, and laid-back ambiance. Check out the following examples below, and begin planning your easy-care, low-maintenance cottage garden today.

Secret seating

One of the best elements of the cottage garden, is it's messy, with jovial twists of colour that rise out of nowhere and create hidden spaces in which to hideaway. This cottage garden has just that. Located by the lake, this home’s garden is brimming with lavender, jasmine and other colourful blooms. The icing on the cake however, is the secret seated location along the windy path that leads to a well-maintained hedge in which to sit, relax and breathe in the fresh lake air.

Plant colour

Cottage style gardens can be easy and fun to look after, their style is relaxed, and because of this, it is almost impossible to get it wrong. To create your cottage garden, you need colour, and plenty of it. Head to your local nursery and talk to a professional about which plants to buy, and when to sow them. The best time to visit is spring, but depending on the time of year attend, your will get a varied selection of goods, from which you can begin your colourful and fun gardening experience.

Perfect picnic location

Cottage gardens are one of the most enjoyable gardens to walk through, they are often brimming with birds, bees and blooms. For this reason, they are the perfect spot for a nice spring picnic. Get your goods together in a basket and head away from the computer, and out into nature for a healthy and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Restful and opulent

If you want a cottage garden, but wish to inject a little opulence and relaxation space into the area, take a look at this example. The paved courtyard allows easy movement throughout the space, while the garden beds themselves are, in true cottage garden style, higgledy-piggledy. To complete this space, a modern lounge bed has been placed as statement seating, and allows the area to be used as a little outdoor retreat, offering the occupant a chance to smell the roses, and rest one’s weary head.

Contemporary cottage feel

A common belief is that a contemporary house needs a contemporary landscaped garden—this is partly true and false. A mistaken idea that the modern dwelling won’t suit a heritage or messy garden could not be a more fallacious statement. Cottage gardens can be manipulated and altered to suit any style of home, and indeed, the contrast between a sleek new home, and an overgrown colourful garden can actually work quite successfully. This is one example where a modern yet heritage style home has incorporated some cottage elements without detracting from the architecture, and newness of the space. The overgrown lavender works excellently with the bright stone tiles, while the modern furniture enhances the contemporary feel of the property. As the trees grow larger, the space will become beautifully shaded and an excellent place to spend a summer’s day.

What is your favourite style of country garden? Put your comments and thoughts below.

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