18 fixes for every home's most annoying problems (part two)

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Here we are with part two of our fabulous guide to eradicating all those annoying little flaws in your home, and we have another nine fantastic solutions for you to enjoy. 

Yes, you could call out a handyman, but given how much that could cost you, isn't it worth having a go at fixing your problems yourself? 

If you aren't shy about getting amongst some home improvement, read on and see how you could make your home just that little bit more perfect in a few minutes!

10. Water marks on wood

Industrial reclaimed Coffee Table Frances Bradley Living roomSide tables & trays
Frances Bradley

Industrial reclaimed Coffee Table

Frances Bradley

Water marks are such a bugbear but there is an easy solution. Lay a dry cloth on top of your wooden furniture and gently iron on top. Give the table a wipe and the mark will disappear!

11. Streaky glass

Frameless glass internal porch Ion Glass Modern houses Glass
Ion Glass

Frameless glass internal porch

Ion Glass

Streaky glass can make your home look a little lacklustre, but how can you prevent it? 

Well, if you wait for a cloudy day to wash your windows and doors, the soap won't dry too quickly, which is what causes the streaks.

12. Tears in window screens

Nobody wants bugs getting in the house during summer, so if you have fitted window screens, you might be finding that little holes and tears have formed. 

If they're small and you don't want to replace a whole screen, simply apply some clear nail varnish and it'll be good as new.

13. Uneven, lumpy sealant

blue bathroom Style Within Modern bathroom
Style Within

blue bathroom

Style Within

There is a knack to getting your sealant nice and smooth but with some easy tricks, you won't struggle.

Use masking tape to mark out where you want it to be and once it starts to form a skin, dip your finger in warm water mixed with dish soap and smooth it out. 

That's a top tip the pros don't want you to know!

14. Mildew in the shower

 A mouldy shower is a smelly, persistent problem and there is only one solution… bleach! Use cleaning products with bleach in them to eradicate the issue.

15. Rust in porcelain sinks

sink caddy, stainless steel simplehuman KitchenStorage

sink caddy, stainless steel


Toothpaste is more than great for your teeth as it will remove rust with ease. Use a dish cloth and rub the stain and it will vanish before your eyes!

16. Wobbly ceiling fan blades

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When blades start to wobble, it can feel as though your room is about to take off, but a simple fix is tightening the individual screws underneath. 

Tighten a little at a time to get even tension throughout and you'll be all set.

17. Clogged plug holes

Don't just overlook a slow-draining sink.

A solution of baking soda and white vinegar should be poured down and left for around 30 minutes, before being swilled through the pipes with some boiling water. 

Do this once a week to stay on top of the problem.

18. Textured ceiling

Random Chip Freshwater Mosaic Ceiling ShellShock Designs Modern dining room Tiles Multicolored
ShellShock Designs

Random Chip Freshwater Mosaic Ceiling

ShellShock Designs

Artex, once the height of fashion, is a real pain to remove. 

The easiest way is to simply skim the ceiling with fresh plaster, but an alternative is using a wallpaper steamer and chipping it off a little at a time. 

For more top tips, take a look at part one here: 18 fixes for every home's most annoying problems (part one).

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