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Home improvement ideas cost under £100

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Wickham House C7 architects Modern kitchen
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Home improvements never seem to end and can become a costly endeavour, unless you have a host of handy tips that will cost you under £100! 

You know we love telling you all about the easy DIY projects that will make your home look phenomenal without requiring a huge budget, and today we bring you 13 fantastic ideas to try.

Interior designers all know the value of small but impactful home changes and we've been paying attention to what they've been up to, so you can tackle any of these projects, safe in the knowledge they're designer-approved and guaranteed to make a big impact on your home.

If you're ready to dig out your tool belt, let's begin…

1. Extra kitchen shelves

Adding some simple shelves to your kitchen won't just make the space look amazing, it will also increase the practicality of the room. 

We think tailored shelves that solve a particular problem are best, so this wine glass holder is perfect!

2. Paint existing cabinets for a new look

Small kitchen, big bold colour! Hallwood Furniture Eclectic style kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Small kitchen, big bold colour!

Hallwood Furniture

If you still like your cabinets but the colour feels a bit flat, it's time to grab the specialist paint and give them a new lease of life.

Vibrant colours can feel like a bold choice but if they cheer up a lacklustre space, it's a brilliant idea! You could swap out the handles too. 

3. Add beading to your front door and re-paint

If you have a plain front door that you think seems a little flat, grab some wooden beading, stick it into your door to create a panelled effect, then paint. Voila, a whole new front door for well under £100! 

You could use the leftover budget to buy a couple of potted trees to heighten the look.

4. Re-polish your wooden floors

Wickham House C7 architects Modern kitchen
C7 architects

Wickham House

C7 architects

Wooden floors can dull over time but by simply buying some proper wood polishing cleaning products, they will come back to life and sparkle.

Floors in heavy traffic areas always seem to end up looking a bit tired, but proper maintenance will keep them amazing for years to come.

5. Re-black a cast iron fireplace

You won't believe what a huge difference this will make to a room! 

Grab some cast iron paint and give the inside of your fire a fresh coat and, while you're at it, clean up the tiles and add new grout to any sparse areas.

It'll only take a few minutes (and cost very little) but the impact will be wonderful.

6. Stop clutter at the door

Oakland Shoe Cupboard and Organiser The Cotswold Company Country style corridor, hallway& stairs Wood
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Shoe Cupboard and Organiser

The Cotswold Company

Invest in some hallway storage and you'll instantly notice what a fantastic difference it makes to your home. 

Opt for something with shoe and bag storage, as well as a coat rack, and you'll soon get everyone in the habit of using it, which will make your hallway far more tidy, welcoming and impressive.

7. Upcycle old items into new storage

We love a good upcycling project, not least because they are such good value. 

An old set of steps will make a perfect shabby chic bookcase and look utterly amazing in any room. Of course, you can go all out and make it perfect but we like a bit of character. 

Plus, if you don't paint it, this could be an almost free project!

8. Buy one statement light fixture

If you don't want to spend more than £100 making your home look more put together, a statement light shade in a main room is a perfect choice.

With copper and rose gold being so huge right now, why not choose something really eye-catching?

9. Invest in storage boxes

Tessera Step Cube Unit ASPACE Nursery/kid's roomStorage

Tessera Step Cube Unit


If you are sick to the back teeth of clutter making a mess of your home, invest in some pretty storage boxes and get everything hidden away.

This will work well for every room—from your hallway to a kid's room—and all you need to do is switch up the colours of the boxes you buy to match your interior design schemes.

10. Add an integrated water filter to your tap

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop AD3 Design Limited KitchenSinks & taps
AD3 Design Limited

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop

AD3 Design Limited

Honestly, who remembers to fill the Brita and change out old filters? Not many of us, but you can have filtered water on tap if you fit a special filtration system. 

Just imagine having clean, lovely water straight from your kitchen tap without any effort!

11. Go modular

Modular Library Redesign Studio Study/officeCupboards & shelving
Redesign Studio

Modular Library

Redesign Studio

Small budgets can still maximise your home's storage potential, if you choose a modular system! 

The joy of modular storage is that you can simply buy and add them to the mix as and when you need (or can afford more items). Choose a couple of colours you like and you will start to create a really eye-catching display.

12. Add detailing to your front door

Large Decorative Front Door Arttus Classic style houses

Large Decorative Front Door


If you want to make more of your front door, £100 will but you a lot. 

You can update your hardware, buy a new, fancy chrome number plaque or even add heritage styling in the form of ironwork. We really love this idea, as your front door makes that all important home first impression on guests, so it's time to let it shine!

13. Have a carpet professionally cleaned

Do this a room at a time and your £100 budget won't be smashed. 

High traffic area carpets naturally get a little downtrodden, grubby and even greasy, so treat them to a soapy deep clean and they will look brand new. With any money you have leftover, grab a statement rug to cover any permanent stains!

For more home improvement inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 18 fixes for every home's most annoying problems.

Which of these ideas would improve to your home?

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