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Little LEIVARS LEIVARS Eclectic style nursery/kids room
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A child's bedroom can sometimes feel like the most chaotic room in the house—tantrums, fights and tears all feature within those four walls. As much as we would like to, we can't stop the difficult moments, but we can try and make life that little bit easier. 

Having a simple and well organised children's bedroom should be an ideal goal, but remember its not just about being organised. Help make their childhood the most memorable years of their life,  it starts with creating a room giving that gives them a space where they can be free to play and be children. Take inspiration for your new nursery, play space or child’s bedroom from our design experts here at homify.  

Inbuilt shelving

A simple design has been undertaken in this child's bedroom. A white shade for the walls works as a blank canvas for decorating and provides flexibility for change when the little ones grow older. The main feature of the room is the inbuilt shelving space, the seamless design presents the child's toys and books in a clean and attractive way. A nice cream shaded wooden chair and desk combo has been chosen for homework or quiet reading time.

Fun and Practical

Finding solutions to help keep the room neat and tidy can sometimes be a real challenge. These playful yet practical storage units from Stocubo are the perfect solution. The multi-coloured storage boxes keep the bedroom tidy—no more desperate searches for missing school shoes, toys or lunch boxes. Not only are these great for storage, but they are an attractive addition to the room and bring much needed colour. 

Warm and comforting

There is a clear thoughtfulness to the design of this room. It feels warm and cosy, and is arranged for parents to be able to spend time with their child. Many a night will be spent nursing the baby or catching up on much needed sleep on the comfy armchair. Simple decorating touches such as the throw blanket on the armchair and the placement of the stuffed animal helps the room feel intimate. 

Sleek and modern

This room has been tailored to be a space for a creative child. The built-in desk, drawers and shelving have a sleek modern look and provides plenty of storage space. We love the amazing lighting built into the shelving unit, it really creates a special ambiance. The multi-coloured patterned wall paper is a fun way of adding a bit of colour to the room.

Themed bedroom

Kids adore themed bedrooms, they're a fantastic for children to be imaginative. Here we see matching bed unit and wardrobe combination that evokes the feeling of being in an old western. No longer will there be a struggle at bed time, little ones will love sleeping in their themed bed unit. 

Driven up the wall

Little LEIVARS LEIVARS Eclectic style nursery/kids room



What's the ideal playroom? Well it starts with a room that gives children a space where they can have fun and play safely. We can see a car race track design painted against an attractive blue and white backdrop. The furnishing in this room is unclustered which allows space to be fully optimised and provides freedom to let kids be kids. 

Dreamy night

Now this is a special room—a genuine sanctuary for a newborn or young child. The deep blue shade of the rear wall is a wonderful feature that creates a backdrop for the attractive white cot. The magical lighting recreates a starry night sky and sets the mood for peaceful slumber. It is easy to imagine little darlings falling asleep soundlessly every night.

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What would be your ideal children’s bedroom look like? Let us know in the comment section below. 
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