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Vegan homes: your simple guide

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International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 Design Intervention Colonial style bedroom
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From the title you would be instantly forgiven for thinking we were going to show you a home infused with radicalism and brazen slogans everywhere but, in reality, we want to show you how you can infuse your house with much-loved accessories and furniture that are usually reserved for people that don't mind using animal by-products in their home.

You may not want to use animal products but that doesn't mean you don't like the appeal of a fluffy rug underfoot or a smooth, cool sofa so let us give you our tips for creating a stylish and beautiful vegan home that will have non-vegans believing that you have had a lifestyle rethink!

Feather-free bedding

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 Design Intervention Colonial style bedroom
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

We know that everybody likes to hunker down and get super snuggly in winter, especially in the bedroom, but you can easily do so without impacting on the lives of animals. In fact, your vegan home redesign could be as simple as replacing your duvet!

Many duvets and pillows are down-filled, meaning they have been stuffed with duck and goose feathers to make them heavy, fluffy and extra warm. For a vegan home however, synthetic bedding stuffing offers a fantastic, ecological alternative that is hard to beat. Many synthetic forms of bedding have actually been constructed from recycled materials too, so if your ideology leans towards veganism and environmental-friendliness, this is great way to express it!

Silk-free cushions

Monsoon 2014 Chivasso BV Windows & doors Curtains & drapes
Chivasso BV

Monsoon 2014

Chivasso BV

If you're not vegan, you might be surprised to learn about some of the materials that have been produced by animals or as a by-product of other processes. Everyone knows that leather and suede are an offshoot of the meat industry, but have you ever given thought to selecting cushions that have no silk in them?

We love these stunning cushions, from Chivasso and think that they are a fabulous inspiration for living room decor, but as a vegan, you will need to make sure that you are buying 100% silk-free, as silk is produced by worms, making it a big no no for a vegan home. Don't be disheartened though, as cotton covers can be just as stunning!

Faux fur rugs

We love the look and feel of a fluffy rug under our feet and between our toes, but a vegan home will rarely know that joy! That can stop, as the ranges of faux fur rugs available are simply spectacular and give the look and feel of traditional pieces, with none of the ideology-shattering ramifications!

Gone are the days of cheap faux fur that would disintegrate on touch, as fabric design has come on in leaps and bounds, creating super plush and beautiful alternatives for our animal-loving friends. In fact, they are so good that there really isn't much need for real fur rugs any more, so maybe vegan ones should become the new standard!

Leatherette sofa

Lighting CasaNora Eclectic style living room



If you like a modern interior design scheme and love the look of leather, but can't bring yourself to include it in your house, have a think about taking a leaf out of a vegan's design book!

Leatherette, just like the faux fur we have been discussing, has developed in recent years to offer an incredibly versatile and hard wearing alternative to real leather, making it easy to decorate a vegan home stylishly and in line with cutting edge chic. Perfectly punctuated with faux grains, it is now very hard to tell faux from real leather, but only one has an ideological price tag! Speaking of which, leatherette is considerably cheaper than the real stuff, so even if you aren't looking to decorate your home to be vegan-friendly, you could still look to non-animal products for a budget alternative to expensive furniture!

Beeswax free candles

SILUET Candle holders by PearsonLloyd homify Interior landscaping

SILUET Candle holders by PearsonLloyd


Candles are a great way to set a mood, add a little ambience or even just cut down on your energy consumption, but if you are creating a vegan home, be sure to check that your candles are beeswax-free.

A contentious issue for many vegans, beeswax is a material that some will allow, as the collection of it brings no discomfort or suffering to the bees themselves, but we think that with so many amazing alternatives out there, why compromise? It is even possible to buy candles that look similar to traditional honeycomb-style beeswax, while having been made from totally animal-free components, so check the label and buy with peace of mind!

Wool free carpet

Silver Birch Crown Floors Walls & flooringCarpets & rugs
Crown Floors

Silver Birch

Crown Floors

It's surprising just how many elements have animal products in them isn't it? We all know that wool comes from sheep and goats, but it would be easy to overlook wool in your carpets and think you have created a totally vegan home!

We think that for an animal product-free home, natural materials are the ideal floor covering, if you are set on having carpet. Sisal and seagrass are fantastic alternatives, very hard wearing and look amazing, so why compromise at the last hurdle? If you truly want to lessen your impact on the animal world and support your ideological standpoint, be aware, educated and proactive with your home décor choices!

For more animal-friendly inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: Is Your Home 'Best Friend' Proof?

Are you vegan or thinking about it? Did this guide help you? Let us know in the comments, below.

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