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10 ideas to decorate modern houses

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Modern homes can be breathtaking in their design and architecture but if you're clueless as to how best to decorate the interior, you will effectively undo all the hard work of your design team. We can't let that happen, can we?

Taking the exterior of your home into account, you need to know how to use colour, accessories and how to really showcase the many facets of your house to make them different and unique. So, we have put together some tips for decorating a modern house hallway. 

Remember, these are a guide and not prescriptive, so see what will work for you and adapt as you need to, then tell us about your project and the results!

1. Optical illusion in the hall

Look how long and never-ending this hallway looks! The technique behind this clever optical illusion is very simple; a mirror has been mounted on the wall at the far end of the hall, tricking the eye into believing that it's far longer.

This is a great tip for increasing the perceived space in any area, from small bathrooms through to bijou bedrooms, so always remember to add a large mirror. Though we know that in reality the room is still the same size, your eyes will believe that there is twice as much available space, making even your least practical areas feel light and airy. 

Now that really is a trade secret we've given you for your modern house!

2. An inconspicuous greenhouse

Here is a question that has bugged interior designers since the dawn of time: what can you do with the area under the stairs? The truth is that this is a very small space, which does not leave much room for unleashing your imagination, however, there are some amazing ideas out there, as this picture shows. 

Why not create a small greenhouse, complete with decorative stones and subtle lighting? Isn't that a great idea? Besides being a beautiful and eye-catching corner, this example of modern design is also low-maintenance so, if you don't want to make a lot of work for yourself, but you want your modern house to be as beautiful as possible, this could be the ideal solution for you!

3. Hall furniture

The hall can be a little problematic when decorating your house as it is usually limited for space, but we don't think you should overlook it, especially when it can be a very tasteful and elegant addition to your modern house. 

Decorating your hallway can be as simple as installing a simple table, some vases of flowers, lamps and a mirror to create a grand entrance that is as simple as it is charming. In this example, the pop of colour seen in the striped wall adds a striking and chic note to what is otherwise simply a transitional area that can easily be overlooked.

4. Accent colours in the hall

We have often talked about the importance of colour when decorating your home and even if it's in regard to something small, such as a hallway, you need to give colour a lot of consideration. 

A modern house without colour can be a lifeless home, but we know that not everybody will be keen to embrace huge swathes of brightly finished walls and large furniture pieces, so why not think about adopting a simple colour scheme that can easily be accentuated with a highlight tone? 

We love this predominantly white hallway that has made wonderful use of vibrant mustard yellow to add some depth and character. From the antique sideboard through to modern vases, this really is a great and versatile use of colour!

5. Nature indoors

If you have created an ultra-modern house that seeks to be different and unusual at every turn, we really think that indoor planting is something to consider.

Take a look at how striking and yet strangely at home this indoor tree looks in this hallway. It really adds a note of high-end design to a relatively minimal space and ties in nicely with the wooden frames of the chairs. This small and delicate tree acts as a reminder that though you are indoors, the natural world is only ever a stones throw away and we love it!

6. Welcome home

Here we see a super fun example of how to personalise your space, right in the entrance to your home and we think it is a fantastically adaptable and engaging addition.

Adding a chalkboard wall in your hallway will not only serve as a stylish and unusual feature, it will have a practical element too, with family members being able to leave handy reminders and messages for each other. There will never be a valid excuse for forgetting sports kits and lunch boxes in this family home and we really like the greeting functionality for guests. 

7. Greenhouse and garden

If you're a keen gardener or love the outdoors, we don't think you should overlook the possibility of including some fabulous green spaces within your modern hallway. 

Planters can be made from anything these days, especially with upcycling being so popular, so why not dedicate some space to your green-leaved friends? Get creative with your plant pots and turn a plain hallway into an indoor utopia of calm and gorgeousness! 

A bright and bold pop of colour on the walls will also look great (as you can see here) and will finish the space off to perfection.

8. Enjoy some space

If there is one thing we need to encourage, it's taking overlooked transitional areas and transforming them into decorative areas and, when decorating a modern house, this can be fantastically effective and simple.

By making use of free space to install storage solutions and practical additions, such as notice boards, key hooks and coat rails, areas such as hallways and corridors take on a style and cosiness of their own. By taking the time to really think about your colour schemes and finishes in these areas, they come to be a complementary part of the interior as a whole, rather than a sad afterthought.

9. Contrasting colours

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Though complementary colours are always a great choice, sometimes we like to step outside the box and go wild with some heavy contrasts, especially within a modern house.

Contrasting colours bring a drama and dark glamour that happily coexisting ones simply can't and we're of the mindset that the darker and more vibrant the contrast, the better! 

Take a look at this example, which showcases one of our favourite combinations of black and fuchsia pink. Bold, daring and eye-catching, you can't deny that it looks fabulous and frankly, luxurious thanks to the use of some plush velvet.

10. Accessories

Finally, we are going to finish with a lobby that we are in love with! This is a space where different elements are working together to create a visually pleasing dynamic for welcoming guests into your modern house. 

We love the use of individual accessories; for example, a dried flower arrangement, a lamp and a mirror, as these not only nod to your tastes and personality, but help to make your hallway feel that little bit more important. 

The clean lines and neutral wall finish here all scream of modern elegance, so we are huge fans!

For more modern hallway inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: How to arrange your hallway? 12 inspirational ideas.

How have you made the most of your hallway?

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