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Andrea Stortoni Architetto Modern bathroom
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It takes all sorts to make a wonderfully diverse world and when it comes to interior design, nothing surprises us anymore, but you might be shocked at how pared back, minimal and stark this apartment is! We love it and think that it is a great example of how stylish, homely and covetable a barely-there design scheme can be and we're willing to bet that the interior designer in charge of creating the look was a huge minimalist fan themselves. Just when you feel that a room is bordering on being too cold, it warms right back up again, either through a piece of furniture or a bold contrast and we are nothing short of inspired! Come and take a look and see if you are a fan as well!

Elegant, long proportions.

What we really love about this dining room is that the table is super sleek, long and skinny, which mirrors the corridor opposite that is partially hidden by a sliding door. You can also see that the under-television shelving has been crafted with the same thought in mind and thought this is only the first image, we think you are getting a good idea of how symbiotic this home is going to be!

A mix of old and new.

Here we are in the living room and not only is there another pale dining table, but there is also a shabby chic dresser, pride of place against the main wall. You see what we mean that you might have thought the whole home was going to be way too minimalist and then suddenly, we see a vintage dresser that adds in some funky style and personality! The track lighting is amazing here and makes for a semi-industrial look, which works so well with all the plain white walls!

Contemporary motifs.

As a huge contrast to the vintage dresser, we see a sleek wall-mounted television and a 'so modern it almost hurts' inset wall fire! A dark floor adds some wonderful depth of color, which highlights the brightness of all the pale wood and white and with simple lines everywhere, the uncluttered finish is perfect! It's all so chic!

The devil's in the details.

How's this for a clever touch? The architect designed the walls to have a slight overhang, which makes them appear to be hovering above the dark floor! That's the kind of attention to detail that propels a home from being nice to out of this world extraordinary

Simple and functional.

This no frills kitchen really suits the wider aesthetic and maintains the clean, uncluttered surfaces seen throughout. A large window helps to keep the space feeling bright and airy and simple brushed metal appliances add some extra contemporary cool as well.

The secret hallway.

Push back this innovative sliding door, which disappears into the wall and you gain access to the more private rooms of the home. By separating the functionalities like this, privacy is guaranteed and we have to say that the atmospheric lighting and dark walls really add a nuance of mystery, which is a lot of fun!

Crisp and contemporary.

You wouldn't expect anything other than a wonderfully fresh and bright bathroom in this home, would you? It doesn't disappoint, as the dark floor mirrors the flooring throughout the communal areas and even the pale wood and white themes have been drawn in too. What is nice, is that a touch of luxury has been included, in the form of marble shower tiles.

A perfect night's sleep.

What a bedroom! Furnished simply and in line with the proportions of the space, it's the extra touches that make this so special! A wonderful wooden headboard is the only optional extra that adds in a new color here, but the fire and wall-mounted TV are nothing short of luxury indulgences!

Modernity throughout.

Even the en suite bathroom has been finished in line with the rest of the house, with white walls, soft gray and pale wood all coming together to create subtle storage and muted magnificence! A large mirror will help to make the room feel larger and a wall-mounted tap is a little nod to all the other luxury additions throughout the home. Wow!

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