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The refrigerator—chiller of wine, preserver of leftovers, and truly one of the most important household appliances. So it makes sense to purchase one that is not only energy efficient, eco-friendly, and practically useable, but also one that is a stylish addition to your home and domestic space. Enter the retro refrigerator—tastefully vintage, with an attention-grabbing attitude. Vintage fridges are excellent additions to either contemporary or classically styled kitchens. Whether you want to make a statement out of your appliance, or simply like their unique design, a retro refrigerator can brighten a space with its kitschy and cute appeal. 

Take a look at the following examples that show how a trendy retro fridge can act as an eye-catching home fixture, and an efficient kitchen addition.

The old with the new

There is no doubt that retro is trendy, hip, and uber-desirable in new homes. It brings a little nostalgia into a space and evokes a sense of kitschy design sophistication, so it is no wonder that the retro look has found its way into the kitchen. As far as retro appliances go, the fridge is generally something that you don’t think to alter. We like big fridges, shiny, new appliances that exude cleanliness and shimmering deliciousness. These retro fridges change all that. They are sleek, colourful, outlandish but cute. This example takes a 50s style vintage refrigerator and pairs with a glossy and modern design kitchen. The ability for the old to blend with the new is outstanding, and leaves the space feeling inviting and nostalgic, yet clean, sleek and boasting all of the modern conveniences you could possibly wish for.

Country style

A well-designed country kitchen is a beautiful space—a place where rustic charm and cosy comfort meet warmth, and tasty baked treats. This kitchen is no exception, it exudes a snugness and character that is enhanced with the vintage fridge highlighting the corner of the room and injecting a little modern retro eclecticism into the space.

The statement appliance

If you are looking for a statement making appliance in your home, then look no further than this bold, original, and red retro beauty. This refrigerator acts as an eye-catching feature in this space, the bright colour and interesting design means it will work in a contemporary, modern, or indeed classic kitchen. If you are planning on adding a retro fridge to your cooking space, remember to shop around, you will find many different styles, colours, and designs to suit your space.

Cluttered but fabulous!

So far, all of the retro fridges we have seen have been modern refrigerators with a vintage style, but how about an original vintage appliance? Many of us are put off of used appliances, and rightly so, they can be energy wasters, hard to clean, and not suitable for today’s stylishly functional kitchen spaces. There is however, a certain charm and character that comes with a vintage item that cannot be remodelled into a new item, and this fridge demonstrates that. This renovated bed and breakfast has utilised a reconditioned refrigerator to evoke a sense of charm and old-worldliness. Paired with a range of open shelves, and a contrasting sleek interior, this space is quirky, enjoyable and radically retro.

Smart incorporation

One of the most important things to consider if you are looking to buy a retro fridge is how to smartly incorporate it into your décor and design. This renovated cottage has employed a 50s, or mid-century, retro scheme to cleverly create a space that is light, bright and airy. The refrigerator is a standout statement for the home, it’s colour is pastel blue, but contrasts well against the black and white tiles, and white walls.

Do you like the retro kitchen look? Let us know your opinion on the retro fridge in the comments below.

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