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Incorporating timber into your bathroom

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Country House Barn, Surrey Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomSinks
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Timber is generally not synonymous with bathrooms, we associate it with rustic living rooms, chalets, exposed ceiling beams, or perhaps country-style kitchens. When we think of out washing spaces, the most common design response is to include sleek, easy-clean surfaces such as tiles, stones and chromes. But the thought that timber could be used as bathroom decoration, wall panelling or even flooring will generally cause the collective retort that the two just don’t mix. Due to a few misconceptions about timber itself, individuals generally perceive the use of wood in a wet space as counter-intuitive and burdensome. Currently, in bathroom design, timber is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, it’s trendy, organic and an eco-friendly material that not only looks excellent, but exudes an effortless nonchalance. One of the few fallacies that exist around timber is that it needs to be waterproofed or coated before use in a wet room. Surprisingly this can actually cause more problems than it prevents, as water will get trapped beneath the plastic or waterproof coating. Once this happens, the timber shows signs of degradation and stops ‘breathing’, causing it to mould, and look tarnished. 

Let Homify dispel some of these myths associated around using timber in the bathroom, and begin redecorating your wash space with a natural and stylish material. Check out the following examples below and ensure your next bathroom renovation is stylish, sophisticated and tasteful.

Timber walls and ceiling

This bathroom is top to toe timber, and it looks superb—if you want to evoke a sauna-esque feeling or ambience, consider a timber panelling for, not only the bathroom walls, but the ceiling as well. To coordinate with this striking look, and ensure the space doesn’t feel too small of cloistered, add white ceramic and chrome fittings. Moreover, incorporate plenty of spa-like accessories, think plush white towels and luscious body lotions.

Marble and timber

Marble and timber are like bread and butter, they coordinate perfectly together and enhance each other’s characteristics to create a strong stylish ambience and atmosphere. In this example the marble floors and walls are highlighted and contrasted by the timber elements, which soften the hardness of the marble, and infuse a warmth into the space.

Detailed elements

Country House Barn, Surrey Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomSinks
Drummonds Bathrooms

Country House Barn, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

As they say ‘the devil is in the detail’, and this could not be truer—this bathroom detail is superb, from the white ceramic vase to the coordinating basin, the space is luxurious and elegant. Emulate this in your own home with raw timber window frames, finished in soap, along with chrome heritage fittings, and crisp white porcelain accessories.

Essence of timber

Timber abounds in this spacious and hotel-like domestic wash space. Here we see timber patterned wall finishings matched with timber floating floors and a coordinating tile in the shower. This space is uber-trendy, fashionable and exudes luxury and lavishness.

Spa-like surrounds

The essence of a spa, with the finishes of a sauna, this bathroom will make you feel as though you are enjoying the luxuries of a 5-star hotel experience in your very own home. Choose a timber floored shower space, chrome fittings, contemporary vanity unit, and earthy colour scheme, for a space that is beautifully extravagant, yet modestly convenient.

Rustic chalet vibe

Timber in the bathroom can be incorporated in many different ways, but one of the most successful examples, is this stunningly sumptuous chalet-esque bathroom space. If you are looking to create a rustic bathroom, then consider raw timber shelving, timber ceiling, and matching vanity for a space that is relaxing, and luxurious, without pretence or pompousness.

What do you think of timber elements within the bathroom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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