16 Rooms with stairs that you will love

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Hansi Arquitectura Modern living room
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With the advancement of technology and design, the stairs have become an important part of a room environment.  Thanks to them that we can organize our home in the best way possible and that is why they deserve a harmonious decoration. So, here we have 16 designer rooms that feature fantastic staircases.

Let’s watch these ideas:

1. ​Lighting and contrast

 The beauty of a staircase can be achieved using the right type of colours, lighting, and materials. Black hues of the wall mark the route of the staircase, giving the whole space a new depth.  An elegant and refined contrast is achieved via the white frame of the steps, which has graceful lighting in their steps.

2. ​Black and elegant

Paris apartment Diff.Studio Eclectic style living room

Paris apartment


In this room, grace is completely visible and the credit can be given to the stairs. The room is long and stylish with a gleaming glow all around. The large crystal chandeliers give a detail of life in this house.

3. ​With industrial spirit

In some cases, simplicity is the most attracting element of a house, and this house is one nice example. The simple and sober colours of the ladder with monumental background bring a sense of beauty and security.

4. ​Floating in wood

Integrate floating ladders into your home’s décor and give a feel of nobility. Popup of beautiful colours and plants makes this room fresh and beautiful.

​5. Richness in texture

The variety of texture in this room imparts a unique personality, making it rich and welcoming. Earthy tones, elegant fireplace, and the combination of woods and glass are superb here.

6. ​A beautiful snail

The stairs in this room is all about the shape and dimension. The spiral case is beautiful and enigmatic as it is revealing the  of the room step by step. The small garden emphasizes on the naturalness of the whole room.

8. ​Minimalist and natural design

It’s a helical staircase which is mainly a more open type of spiral staircase. It behaves in a more natural form with all sorts of decorative potentials. Shades of white are predominant in design, making this room clean and full of lights.

​7. Emphasizing dimensions

These stairs are more like a ramp which is made out of wooden steps and railing in metal. The breadth of the house is fantastic and the staircase make it visible throughout.

9. ​Maximum transparency

Innovations with glass - the staircase model LONDRA Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale Stairs Glass Transparent
Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

Innovations with glass—the staircase model LONDRA

Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

The vanguard type of stairs is as safe as any other common stair design. In this image, the minimal elements, transparency of the staircase, and purity of lines are the centerpieces.

10. ​Metallic and original

The metallic steps invite you to the top floor of the house in ultimate safety. Vibrant red notes, tones of metals, and neutral base impart a great charm to the house.

11. Iron and traditional

If you like traditional designs, steel and aluminium are the material you can opt for. Combine these elements with water and the result will be exceptional.

12. ​Climbing to the sky

Glasstree Wall IAM Design Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
IAM Design

Glasstree Wall

IAM Design

Light and luminous, the ladder here displays concrete finishes and leads us to the upper part of the house.

13. ​Beautiful garden

The presence of plants dramatically transforms any type of environment and in this design the grace of plants is evident.

14. ​A picture in three dimensions

This stair is a 3-D art in itself. A good use of space has been done here and the minimalist garden is like the cherry on the cake.

15. ​Glass and concrete

This room shows a harmonious combination of glass, concrete, and steel. The characteristics of the staircase are exposing the true essence of the house.

16. ​Spectacular in stone

White marble and earthy tones define the beauty of the room. If you have enough space in your room, this can be a suitable choice for staircases.

Select one of these designs, while we come with more home décor ideas.

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