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20 lovely family homes to inspire your creativity

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Living in a private house and being in nature as much as possible is the dream of many. If the urban migration from the cities is thought to have increased considerably nowadays, we can say that many people have already realised this dream. People who do not want their children to grow up in grey cities or who do not intend to spend their lives in traffic are throwing themselves into areas that are located outside the city centre but are just as easy to reach. If you have such a dream and are planning to move and build a house in a rural area, the following houses, each with different architectural styles from each other, will attract your attention. 

For every home you enjoy, take note of each of the features that strikes you the most and prepare your future home for a fabulous appearance.

1. Eclectic architecture with diversity

Our first house was fashioned from the combination of classical details and contemporary building materials, like the classic sloping roof and penthouse rooms.

2. Old but new

This house, which reveals all the beauty of the rustic style architecture, is built in place of an old house. For the house, the designs are very modern and the iconic.

3. Wonderfully simple bungalow

This home has very simple architecture. It is a modern and extremely charming family house with its sloping roof in anthracite and white exterior facade.

4. A stone building with red shutters and green plants

Who doesn't want stone walls, red wooden shutters, and vines descending from the roof of a wonderful country house?

5. Log houses can also have a modern structure, here is the proof!

Do you think the log cabin look too rustic? Then you can modernize it like this one!

6. A wonderful prefab house with American style

Although it looks like a typical American house with sloping roofs, penthouse rooms and siding counterparts, this house is prefabricated and quickly installed by a company in Turkey.

7. A peaceful and pleasant holiday home with large outdoor spaces

Some of us would rather consider the size of the property rather than the interior. If you live in the Aegean or Mediterranean regions, you can indeed spend about 300 days of the year on terraces and gardens.

8. Excellent, easy-to-manage wooden cottage for retirement

There's a lot of hype about large houses, but smaller homes are easy to clean and maintain when you get older, so those of us in the later years of our lives might opt for this style.

9. A spacious and spacious villa with Aegean architecture

What else would a person want when white walls, wooden pergolas and a pool with a toned roof and a view of the Aegean are added?

10. A charming, well-kept village house view

This home has an inviting structure with its brick clad surfaces and magnificent wooden roof, blinds, and door.

11. A modern house with a complex glass frontage and lake view

Rising on the rocky buried feet, the whole landscape is in your home with a three-compass glass house!

12. An excellent example of an old stone renovation

This magnificent stone house is the finished product of a renovation. Even stone makes for a great aesthetic in the façade.

13. Modern house with traditional look, filling the eye with symmetry

Just looking at this exterior, how could you not be happy with it?

14. A geometric design for lovers of sharp lines

Perhaps a house that attracts attention with its tough and contemporary look is the style you're looking for.

15. Stone houses do not have to be small

You love stone, but you find it too small? You can build a spacious villa and cover it with natural looking stone.

16. A magnificent building with both wide windows and stone

In the past, when windows of stone houses were small, the inside of these houses became generally gloomy. Before, of course! Today, architects seamlessly blend large windows with stone and wood surfaces.

17. The most adorable example of rural style architecture

A perfect example of the appeal of rural style architecture with its wooden-paneled attic and charming balustrades!

18. A sustainable architectural example covered with solar panels

Schoolmasters eco house build different Modern houses
build different

Schoolmasters eco house

build different

This prefabricated structure rises on a steel construction and is covered with wooden panels for a warm look.

19. Wonderful architecture that carries a view of the outside with a solid glass ceiling

It must be so cosy to watch a white snow scene from a warm house!

20. A happy life in a colorful beach house

It is possible to make a colourful house without getting too carried away. How you ask? By combining it with natural wooden surfaces!

If you liked this list, you should check out these spectacular façades that will get your neighbour talking.

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