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An Exemplar Edinburgh Home Extension

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Dick Place Modern kitchen by ZONE Architects Modern
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As was common for houses in Edinburgh of this era, this detached villa, though undeniably gorgeous, not only had restricted access to the garden but also featured a poorly lit and impractical kitchen. For any family home, a functioning and welcoming kitchen is a vital social hub, so a transformation was agreed upon.

The new glass box extension, which we will take a look at, provides a large kitchen and dining area with fantastic and direct access to the rear garden. A stunning and elegant addition, the connection of the new element to an existing property has been completed with a quiet reverence and we think the end result is not only perfectly usable, but aesthetically lovely too.

Perfect harmony

Dick Place - garden Modern kitchen by ZONE Architects Modern
ZONE Architects

Dick Place—garden

ZONE Architects

We love it when a modern extension has been added to an older property in such a way that the original structure still gets more attention. That is exactly what has happened here, thanks to a considerate design team that sought to pay homage to, rather than overshadow a lovely period home.

Zone Architects have managed to harmoniously combine an undeniably modern glazed extension with a traditional brick villa, but rather than a Jeckyll and Hyde property, the end result is a cohesive home that has made beautiful use of every available nuance of space. Just lovely.

A closer look

Dick Place - exterior Modern kitchen by ZONE Architects Modern
ZONE Architects

Dick Place—exterior

ZONE Architects

Now you can really start to appreciate the clever cohesion, as there has been no attempt whatsoever to try and make the extension appear older than it is or more similar in style to the original house. It simply stands alone as a beautiful build, while simultaneously bringing a touch of modern glamour to an older property.

By keeping the exterior of the extension simple, it doesn't detract from other features, but almost blends into the background. The extensive glazing also helps with this, by almost camouflaging the box in reflected images of the garden and the sky. What a clever build!

Lovely light

Dick Place - glazed corridor Modern kitchen by ZONE Architects Modern
ZONE Architects

Dick Place—glazed corridor

ZONE Architects

What an amazingly bright and modern corridor this is and from the exterior of the property, you'd be forgiven for not expecting to find something like this inside! 

The perfect way to connect the existing and new elements of a home together, this corridor effectively paves the way for what we expect to find in the glazing-rich extension and having finished the walls in a bright white, as well as the doors, this whole space is geared towards maximising the spacious vibe. It almost feels like a secret passage way to another dimension and in a way, it is. From the traditional exterior, let's walk through this corridor to sleek modernity.

Total transformation

Dick Place - kitchen Modern kitchen by ZONE Architects Modern
ZONE Architects

Dick Place—kitchen

ZONE Architects

Here is the end result of careful architecture and sympathetic styling and wasn't it eminently worth the wait? Bathed in natural light, this roomy kitchen and dining room is simply stunning and makes us sincerely wonder how anyone could cope with the original, gloomy rooms that the villa offered!

Privacy glass ensures that light is still able to flood in while diners are protected from prying eyes and contributes to the finish of the room as a whole, which is so high-end. The bespoke kitchen fits like a dream and finished in a light beech, reflects every ray of light to add to the feeling of space as well as allowing for a homely and welcoming vibe.

Beautiful outlook

Dick Place - kitchen Modern kitchen by ZONE Architects Modern
ZONE Architects

Dick Place—kitchen

ZONE Architects

As we know, the garden was all but inaccessible from the original kitchen and rear of the property, but thanks to this new extension, can be enjoyed not only as a view, but a usable space.

Imagine being able to enjoy such a stunning scene as you cook and eat; we really don't think there can be many things better than that and by keeping the garden-facing glazing clear, the view is unimpaired for everyone to revel in. An absolutely stunning extension, we think it has breathed new life into an older home and brought it bang up to date.

For more extension inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: Jaw-Dropping Glass Extensions.

Do you like the mix of old and new architecture? Let us know in the comments, below.
Whitton Drive by GK Architects Ltd Modern

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