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If you are interested in climbing the property ladder and redefining your home as a property gem then you need to know how to maximise its value. Adding value to your home is essentially a form of cosmetic surgery; a nip and tuck in the façade, reconstructing its insides and even adding volume to it. But before going under the knife, perhaps you need to make sure to fix any structural problems. They will not fool neither a prospective buyer nor a valuing surveyor.   

Any enhancements must complement your house if you seek return on those investments. A house worth £400,000 with new kitchen equipment of roughly the same calibre would be redundant. Any new features that will be sculptured must add to the pre-existing value and not match it.

Painting the façade

Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern houses
The Bazeley Partnership

Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

Visual information is the first stimuli that one can absorb in a meeting. While in humans one can bring philosophical gems debunking the old saying that appearance matters, in houses it is an irrefutable fact. Physical appearance matters. And for a home, physical appearance will most certainly include the façade.

One of the easiest ways to add value to a house is to paint it a new face. If you are feeling up to the task, it will only take a good set of brushes and a few paint buckets to add ambiance to your house. Otherwise, a paint crew is one phone call away. But be careful: the new colours of the home should blend rhythmically with its interior design and also with the surrounding environment. As the picture shows a lick of white shades contrasting with tiles in hues of grey matches the coastal environment of the residence.

Extending the living space

​loft conversion with full back addition homify Modern style bedroom

​loft conversion with full back addition


When you are done with a new make-up for the façade, perhaps it will be time to make the house bigger. It will be a good investment, since it will add more space for accommodation. A conservatory might require building permission depending on its size. If you intend to add a conservatory, attention must be paid to fit in with the rest of the house architecture.  Such an endeavour might cost from £5,000 to £30,000 pounds. 

If you have a garage but no car, altering the space to include a new room might be ideal. Or perhaps add a loft extension. The loft can become a new bedroom or even a new bathroom depending on the needs of the house. 

As you can see from the picture, the loft was be turned into an extra modern bedroom with a skylight fitted to bring in natural light. But you will need to pay attention to access points for the loft, since it will require space for a staircase. For a loft, a call to your home insurer might be necessary though and will come at a cost between £15,000 to £25,000 pounds.

Renovating the kitchen

Perchance your budget is limited and accommodates renovations for only one room, then that room must be the kitchen. It is one of the most integral parts for adding value and it showcases the whole house. That is where many people spend most of their time whilst at home, whether cooking or socialising.

When renovating the kitchen it is important to create easy access between three points. That is the sink, the fridge and the cooker.  As shown in the picture, the elements are structured in close proximity to the three key points to illustrate the practicality of the contemporary kitchen. 

If the old worktops are torn apart then consider changing them. The same will apply to cupboards and drawers. The appliances should also reflect modern equipment that would stand the passage of time. Well, at least with the escalating innovations in technology to be up-to-date for a decade. Adequate lighting is a must for a valuable kitchen.

Renovating the bathroom

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California homify BathroomBathtubs & showers

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California


Unlike the kitchen, a bathroom renovation will not require you to delve deep into the fabric of change. It is all about the features. And with features you can add an extra touch of luxury. That wow factor, which will woo everyone that pays it a visit. 

Add a new sink, install a heated chrome towel rack. Perhaps getting rid the old slow dripping shower with a big shower head.  If you want to go the extra mile pay attention to the floor, with tiles or vinyl. The picture is a perfect example on how the floor can bring opulence into the bathroom with a touch of black and white tiles.

And since appearances can go a long way in a house, what about that old shower curtain? A glass screen or a glass door to shield the bathroom tiles from flooding will be a nice touch for a new bathroom. As well with kitchens, bathrooms need to have adequate lighting. Painting the walls a neutral colour, adding a skylight or spotlights will brighten up the room.

Redesigning the garden

When redesigning the garden there is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Does the house needs a parking space more than a bed of roses? In inner city areas where parking can be found with same ease as a needle in a haystack, paving concrete for parking will add more value to the house. 

If the house is in a suburban area then it is time to get creative. First of all, trim those bushes, cut down those tree branches. Organise the garden into functions: lawn, flowerbeds and storage space. You can add a deck. Barbecues on those sunny days agree with decks. 

The aerial view seen here exemplifies the beauty of a well organised garden, with a wavy deck and a rounded couch that complements the pots and tiled floor.  A great idea for adding value to the garden is to make it accessible through the house. It will create the allure of an extended space and breathe freshness indoors.

Refurnishing the living room

Since we are talking about multi-functional spaces, a great way of adding value is to improve the rooms with most use. The living room, for example, can become a multi-purpose space by integrating it with the kitchen. The new living-dining-kitchen room will give the illusion of a bigger space and will allow more natural light to penetrate it. When adding value to your home, fewer but bigger rooms will always do wonders.  

In the picture you can observe the epitome of a multi-purpose room, with the living room becoming one with the kitchen.  The living room is also a place where one can often position entertainment equipment, from a TV to console games. Thus, you might consider adding more sockets to accommodate modern entertainment. And since a movie in the night can become loud do not forget to add an acoustic insulation.

Improve its energy efficiency

Pond House_Passive House (Passivhaus), Forrester Architects Forrester Architects Modern houses
Forrester Architects

Pond House_Passive House (Passivhaus)

Forrester Architects

You have indulged in a cosmetic surgery that reshaped the face of your house and its insides, upgrading it to a new and improved property. Is there anything else to be done?  Well, it is time to take a closer look at energy efficiency. When more than half of the fuel bills are spent on heating and hot water it seems prudent to have a look at the central heating system. If no central heating system exists, well, it is time to install one. 

Replacing the boiler, fitting a better control panel that would enable a more effective distribution of heat depending on need and switching to cheaper and lower carbon technology are ways to bring down those fuel bills. Adding energy efficient light bulbs and appliances is another sensible idea. 

Houses lose heat from their windows. So installing double or even triple glazed windows can be very beneficial. Or you can just hang heavier curtains. Since we are talking about heat, home insulation will make sure to keep it inside the walls. Last but not least, renewables can be the icing on the cake. From solar panels to wind turbines, low carbon technologies can be a gift to your home and the environment. You can even sell the surplus of the energy from renewables to energy suppliers. A win-win situation!

All in all, to climb the property ladder you will need motivation and conviction. And depending on your aspirations, a healthy bank account. But investing in tangible property will be one of the smartest and most lucrative choices you can make in the long run. Whether it is renovating the kitchen, re-organising the garden, a paint job or a full cosmetic surgery, adding value to your home will be a worthwhile adventure.

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Do you have any other great tips to share that help add value to a home? Let us know in the comments, below.

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