These are your most common bathroom mistakes

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Have you ever wondered why your bathroom doesn't feel quite as stylish as you'd like it to? Well, you might be making a common mistake that's leading to you feel that way. So, we've rounded up your most frequently made errors and tell you how sidestep them in future.

Bathroom designers know all the tricks of the trade, but you need to as well as not everyone can afford a full bathroom kit-out! From avoiding beautiful materials to choosing terrible furniture, we have all the mistakes right here, so take a look and see if you can stop making them!

1. Trying to avoid using wood

A long time ago, a myth circulated that you can't use natural wood in your bathroom as the moisture will warp it, but stop listening to that.

It might have been true where cheap vinyl flooring is concerned but real wood (with a stain applied) will be a steadfast friend in your bathroom and look amazing!

2. Choosing showy furniture

A little colour pop is all well and good, but if you start trying to install fancy Chesterfields and outrageously luxurious bathroom furniture, you're going to lose sight of the function of the room. 

Keep it simple, easy to clean and proportional and you won't go too far wrong.

3. Decorating with very bold colour

We know it might feel like a bit of a cliché to have a white bathroom, but it's the freshest, cleanest and brightest colour, so it makes perfect sense. Or at least a variation on the neutrals theme makes sense. 

What never looks good is really bold colour that doesn't work with the light levels.

4. Not paying attention to lighting.

Speaking of lighting, so many people consider it an afterthought, especially in a bathroom, but you need bright bulbs and statement shades in there as much as you do anywhere else. 

Call us drama queens, but we actually love an over the top chandelier in a bathroom, crystals and all!

5. Trying to be far too trendy

There's no harm in keeping an eye on the latest trends, but if you don't actually like them, why bother installing them in your home? 

Stick to things you know you like and will likely still like in 10 years time or else you'll be updating the room every six months and never finding something you love.

6. Opting for bulky furniture

Bathrooms are often smaller, narrow spaces, so why shove a load of chunky or bulky storage in there?

Look for sleek, slimline cabinets and create a more contemporary look that still offers bags of storage space. Use the length of the room as your guide, not the width you wish it had!

For extra bathroom advice, take a look at this Ideabook: This is how to clean your bathroom in under 10 minutes.

Which of these bathroom errors have you made?

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