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7 unusual ways to make your modern kitchen better

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If you're a keen amateur cook and love spending time in your kitchen, you probably notice all the little details you wish were slightly different, or those areas that perhaps fall a little flat. If you notice them every day, they'll soon start to grate.

Even if you don't spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you'll know when it doesn't hit the style notes you wanted it to, so we're here today to help you capture a more dramatic and stylish feel in your space. Kitchen planners are great at what they do, but unless they know your home intimately and can get a true sense of your tastes, it's tricky for them to encapsulate your hopes and wishes all in one installation.

So why not use their design as a starting point and think about embracing some of these ideas to add some extra spice? Modern kitchens can take a lot of personalisation, so don't stop until it's perfect for you!

1. Get out of your lighting comfort zone

Recessed spotlights and under-cabinet kitchen lighting are fantastic, which is why everyone has them already. 

If you want to be a little different and experiment with your modern kitchen design, you shouldn't overlook the importance of a main statement light. 

The choices are endless, so how different do you dare to be?

2. Cast a concrete worktop

Worktops are one of those installations that can either make or break a kitchen aesthetic and you won't know which until it's in place.

This can be a real issue, especially if yours falls woefully short of the mark, so avoid disappointment by casting a solid concrete worktop and polishing it for a sleek, modern finish.

3. Don't shy away from glossy cabinets

For a modern kitchen that really speaks volumes about your taste, glossy cabinets are a must. The really great thing about this tip is that if you're simply bored of your current doors, you can swap them out in a few minutes to give the impression of a brand new kitchen.

It might sound bold, but we love curved cabinets finished with gloss doors because they look oh so elegant!

4. Maintain impeccable cleanliness

This tip won't be popular with everyone, but if you want your modern kitchen to always look stylish and cool, you need to keep it spotless. And we do mean spotless!

Don't forget to declutter the surfaces and minimise the amount of countertop accessories. You'll be surprised how much more stylish your space looks when it's clean.

5. Try some eye-catching design

This kitchen won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we love it. 

The holes might look random and reminiscent of Emmental cheese, but they're actually in ergonomically sound positions to allow for easy door opening. So, clever and funky! 

You could try something similar with integrated handles.

6. Embrace the melding of styles and genres

Should a super-contemporary stainless steel kitchen look good with rustic tiles? No, absolutely not. But it does, as you can see! 

The joy of interior design is that you can try whatever you like until you find that perfect combination which works in your home, and your modern kitchen can certainly stand to push genre boundaries.

7. Be bold with minimalism

Modern kitchens look great because they can be made to work in any space to add a sleek, perfectly finished look to a home. However, if you want to really up the style points of your installation, how about some brazen minimalism? 

Open counters, bare minimum cupboards, open-fronted shelving and integrated appliances are the key features of the look and we adore them all.

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 DIY fixes for your most common kitchen problems.

Which of these ideas would perk up your kitchen?

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