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Setting up a study in your home isn't enough to guarantee productivity and hard graft. In fact, without proper home office organisation you could find yourself merely sitting in an alternative room to the living room, still procrastinating.

We all understand how hard it can be to knuckle down and get on with some work but if you have effective filing systems, ergonomic furniture and suitable storage in place, there should be little to distract you from your task at hand as really, these items should encourage nothing but focused and committed productivity.

Take a look at our tips for maintaining home office harmony and see if you are missing any of these magic ingredients.

Divine desk

We know that home office organisation shouldn't all be about aesthetics, but you can't deny that having a beautiful desk in place certainly won't hurt! 

We adore this desk from Angel Cerda and think it has been placed in the perfect setting to really highlight its simple elegance and clean lines. There can be little doubt that in a room as serenely modern as this one, this desk is utterly at home, adding to the overall impact of the room and inviting even the most unmotivated of workers to sit down and get some important tasks ticked off their list.

Fancy filing

Home office organisation wouldn't be the same without at least a mention of filing systems, but long gone are the days when colossal grey metal towers were the only viable option for safely stowing your paperwork!

These eye-catching wooden filing boxes, complete with miniature dovetail joints and polished brass handles, make a really dramatic impact in what is already a clearly very different office space. Mirroring the warmth of the chair, the boxes, in their various sizes and shapes, bring a sense of fun design into an otherwise serious room and are a great alternative to the mundane filing cabinets of old.

Suitable storage

Imagine taking the time to create a study in your home that exuded style, your personality and was really fit for purpose, only to throw in any old storage unit and disrupt the whole theme. We can't see that really working, can you?

Home office organisation naturally demands that a cohesive space is created through the careful selection of theme and decor appropriate furniture, so we implore you not to simply opt for plain and underwhelming office cupboards. Think outside the box and install something fun, different or specifically upcycled by you. At least that way, you can guarantee individuality!

Shelving selection

Modern Built in Bookcase in Oak Built in Solutions
Built in Solutions

Modern Built in Bookcase in Oak

Built in Solutions

Nothing quite sets the tone of a home office like built-in shelves that can house all of your important tomes, vital paperwork and treasured trinkets. It can be so easy to forget that your study needs to be welcoming and pleasant, rendering it sterile or cold, but there is a happy medium between impersonal and cluttered.

Home office organisation is heavily reliant on shelving, but that doesn't mean you have to traipse to your nearest flat-pack furniture store. Don't think of shelves as perfunctory items, see them as an integral part of your wider scheme and seek to install the most beautiful and brazen ones that you can!

Awesome accessories

With your desk, shelves and fun storage all in place, what can possibly be left to tick off your home office organisation to-do list? Well, here comes the fun part… accessories!

Ergonomic, beautiful, well thought out and unique accessories are what can really turn your study into an extension of you and your personality, while also serving a practical function. We love this elegantly simple set up, with a slot for scissors, a simple tape dispenser and even a mobile phone plinth allowing for you to get on with your work without having to stop to search for things you need or check your phone for messages. Perfect!

Bonus tips

Hembury Chair Solidwool Classic style study/office

Hembury Chair


If we can give one last piece of advice for achieving home office harmony, it would be to include a little bit of positivity into your work space.

Even the most sarcastic and dry-humoured amongst us need a little motivation top up now and then, so how about including a happy mantra in your home office organisation? We think this super framed print really sums up the way we try to live our lives and can imagine that when procrastination threatens to hit, a quick glimpse of it would be all we'd need to get back to work. 

For more home office inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 Stylish Home Office And Workspaces.

Do you work at home? Have you created a good office space? Let us know in the comments, below.

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