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Tasked with designing a ground-level extension, the architects responsible for transforming this charming Victorian townhouse, which runs over four-storeys, saw fit to instigate some serious internal home improvements too.

Designed to combat a damp problem, the internal works also called for a total rewiring, extensive plumbing upgrades and an overhaul of the heating system. Not a small list of jobs by any means and, to make matters worse, they all needed to be completed on a limited budget and to a starkly strict schedule. 

Having fast-tracked the project, focus could be kept on the most crucial elements, beginning with the underpinning of the new proposed extension. Given the constraints, what has been accomplished is beyond belief!

Let's take a look at the house to see what all the fuss is about!

Exterior views

A wholly sympathetic, stylish and in keeping extension, we're not sure if this lovely addition could be any more perfect for the back of this Victorian townhouse. It is actually decidedly difficult to pinpoint the new elements and that is what great design does; it offers more of what you need without drawing attention to itself and shouting look at me!

Giving just a glimpse of the lovely spacious interior, this extension is not boastful. Instead, it has a quiet reverence that reverberates through the rest of the interior décor and we think it's fabulous.

Wow factor

From this picture, you would never be able to tell that this house ever had a damp problem, or any other issues for that matter! A bright, airy and chic modern space, this kitchen looks as though it has been built in perfect conditions.

Stagg Architects have done an amazing job of blending the old of the original Victorian property with the new of the extension, without bringing about a jarring or uneasy transition. All we see if a cohesive and gorgeous space that simply belongs here, as well as the perfect furniture that it contains

Brilliant spaces

It's hard to picture how the kitchen must have looked before this amazing transformation, but we just know it wasn't anywhere near as light, bright and spacious as this! 

White and pastel colours are working together to cut through any remaining nuances of shade and, with a pale floor and eclectic wooden furniture added to the mix, the overall effect is charming. Nothing looks too starkly modern to work with the original Victorian heritage of the home and everything feels very respectful, which is making us even more keen to go through the door and explore the rest of the house.

Traditional vibes

Well, aren't we glad that we walked on through to take a more detailed look around? If we hadn't, we wouldn't have seen this amazing front-facing living room, complete with period features and old fashioned styling!

Retaining and restoring the original cast iron fireplace is a stroke of genius, adding a genuine sense of legitimacy to the renovation as a whole. Far from giving in to easy-to-assemble modern furniture, items with a more classic feel have been selected. The tapestry covered footstool is a particular favourite of ours, as is the large rug, both of which make us feel as though we have gone back in time.

A modern twist

While the period features that are prevalent in the house are stunning, we can't help but also notice the clever modern touches that keep the two facets combining and collaborating to create a wonderful interior design scheme, especially in this über glamorous study.

Bright white walls, super clean lines, uncluttered spaces and a demonstrable lack of window dressing all bring a super chic and modern edge to the property, but not at the detriment of the original house. The stunning bay windows and fireplaces see to that effortlessly. 

Variation on a theme

With every other room having been painted in a luminous white, there was no reason for the bathroom and toilet to be any different, was there? 

Seen here, a simple white colour scheme naturally lends itself to fun accents and we love that a patterned floor has been brought in to break up the vastness of the sheer white. The pattern itself is reminiscent of Victorian pathway tiles, so fits in perfectly and once again reminds us that this is a house of two eras.

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Did you like how the home combined old and new?
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