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How to be a good AirBnB host

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AirBnB has shot to fame for offering low-cost home rental opportunities for short to medium stay tenants and we think it is a fabulous service! 

The site itself is filled with amazing properties, some of which are so incredibly different and over the top that it can be hard to compete with them to secure renters, but what can give you an edge? Whether someone is looking to rent a room for one night or a week, they will be wanting to experience a clean, welcoming home that has their needs taken into account, so take a look at our top tips for being the perfect AirBnB host and see if you can improve your listing!

Leva clear instructions

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Chalkboard Placemats

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We love any excuse to create a DIY chalkboard, but in the case of home rental, especially through AirBnB, you might want to leave some clear instructions about keys, timings and house rules. We think a chalkboard is the perfect way to do so, without being too hard hitting or formal. Placed in the guest room, a chalkboard is fun and welcoming and the kind of feature that many people will be keen to talk about and share on social media, making you home even more popular!

Clean your house

Home rental can be a difficult thing to master, but one thing is absolutely irrefutable; renters do not want to walk into a dirty or smelly house and are very unlikely to stay if they do. You can avoid this embarrassing situation entirely by making sure that your home is not only presentable, but freshly cleaned and smelling great before any new guests arrive.

Always have a run around with the hoover, dust surfaces and don't be afraid to spritz some air freshener, as all these tasks will combine to give the feeling of a well kept and welcoming home. We love this picture from Tapeten & Uhren as the space looks fresh, airy, bright and clean, which is exactly what you should be aiming for too! 

Carry out little repairs

Don't look at little things that you keep meaning to fix and put then off again; tackle them head on and get all your repairs carried out in one hit. 

Think of it from a guest's point of view; a broken floorboard or window that doesn't open won't lead to exemplar reviews and repeat business, will it? Home rental is a competitive marketplace and thanks to sites such as AirBnB, you have to go all out to make sure people know your home is the comfiest and best, so grab your tool kit and get to it!

Supply fresh towels

We know that most guests will bring their own towels, but imagine what a pleasant surprise it will be for them to walk into your bathroom and see a stack of freshly laundered, fluffy towels that they are able to use. What a treat!

Small gestures can really set you apart from other home rental professionals and with plenty of budget textile outlets on the high street, it won't cost the bank to stock up on some new towels. In fact, spending a few pounds on this could mean the difference between future renters or an empty house, so make the investment!

Press the bedding

You know how wonderful it feels when you slip not a hotel bed and the sheets have been pressed? Why not try to recreate that feeling for your guests with freshly washed and ironed bedding that feels great and helps them drift off to sleep?

When it comes to bedding, we think you should stick to nice neutral tones, rather than busy patterns and be sure to supply enough pillows. It's always better to have more than you need than not enough! It's these kinds of details that home rental experts don't want you to know, but we are happy to share with you!

Supply extra blankets

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Even in summer, we recommend that you keep a stack of clean blankets in the guest room, just in case they get cold and feel uncomfortable asking you to turn up the heating! Nothing ruins a guest stay quite like feeling awkward, so try to plan ahead for every eventuality.

Fleece, cotton and wool blankets are all good options and will allow for a practical solution for everyone and all tastes. Don't forget that you may be welcoming vegans into your home and as such, wool would not be a suitable material, so a variety of options is always advisable.

For more rented home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 Ways To Decorate Your Home When Renting.

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