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A Suburban Home with a Twist

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Ricardo Moreno Arquitectos Modern pool
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This early 1900s building located in central Lisbon had been left derelict for many years after becoming disused in the latter half of the century. The years of neglect had left the building crumbling on the inside, with much of the period details unfortunately beyond repair. Despite this, the new owners of the property were charmed by the building's historic charm and saw great potential in the future of the structures, and thus began their project of restoration and modernisation. 

Fortunately, the firm responsible for the restoration project was the very experienced team headed by Ricardo Moreno, who was also the owner. With the experienced owners/architects on the case, a new look décor and generously proportioned living spaces were sensitively designed into the existing shell. Come and see it for yourself…

Street view

The beautiful home stands tall and proud. It's intact façade has been restored to its former glory with the once crumbling details framing the windows and entrance having been repaired. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to pronounce the building as the standout address in the neighbourhood.

You'll notice that the attached garage contrasts to the main building thanks to a darker blue shade and the choice of a modern timber finish for the garage door. This provides a subtle insight into the new look of the interiors and outdoor setting but first, let's see how the home looked during the early stages of construction.  

Humble beginnings

Restoring one of the city’s most beautiful houses was an incredibly exciting experience for the owners. Much like peeling the layers of an onion, the owners found so many beautiful relics that were able to be saved and used later in the reconstruction. Unfortunately, most of the interior needed to be demolished due to extensive damage. However, replacing the interior provided the architects with the freedom to establish a new identity for the building.  

A traditional garden

Lovingly restored, the pictured side exterior resembles how the home would have looked like during its hay days with everything looking as it should. The garden presents freshly mowed lawn and manicured plants that complement the traditional look and feel of the home. Let's move inside.

The new look interior

Open and free flowing are words that summarise the new look interior. From this vantage point you can see the entire length of the ground floor, which consists of the kitchen, living and dining areas. It's conceived as one huge communal space where the family can gather and spend quality time together. 

You would have noticed straight away that the décor has taken on a very modern appearance. There are certainly traditional features that have been incorporated in the design, however, the modern timber panelling, concrete flooring and exposed brick bring an undeniable modern flavour to the space. 

The heart of the home

The benchtop is the centrepiece of the kitchen, promoting the idea that the kitchen is a multi-functional space that draws people together to not only cook but to chat, socialise and spend time with each other. Critical to this idea was the linking of the kitchen with the outdoor entertaining area by opening up the space with retractable glazed doors. Meals can be prepared within touching distance of the outdoors with no sense of barrier or constraint. 

An eclectic mix

In a more private section of the communal zone we find a dining area. We are immediately drawn to the timber cladding that frames the space, which creates a warm and cosy setting. Take note of the eclectic style mix of furniture that's been chosen for the dining table and chairs. 

A different style of bathroom

Inside the slim dimensions of the bathroom, a minimalist décor creates a striking impression. The selection of lighting is particularly interesting here since it runs along the corners and crevices of the walls. Candles have also been lit inside the shelves, creating a variety of light sources. A diversity of lighting is especially important considering that this section of the home has no source of natural light. 

Industrial style bathroom

Turning around, we can see the minimalist and industrial style of the bathroom continues to great effect. A warm tone has been provided by the choice of timber panels behind the washing area and the mounted mirror. The earthy brown tones really stand out from the rawness of the exposed concrete. 

A fully functioning office

Working from home is the reality for many these days so it seems only fitting that the home would accommodate an office. It's a smartly arranged space with plenty of storage from the inbuilt book case running along the central wall. All the essential paperwork and binders can be organised efficiently and attractively in the gorgeous timber framed shelves. 

The perfect child's bedroom

Upstairs there's a child's bedroom that's designed to be both sophisticated and playful. The shuttered windows let plenty of sunshine inside, bringing life and happiness as a result. We love the choice of different coloured book cases that bring bursts of colour to the space. 

White was the logical colour of choice for the walls since it provides the perfect canvas for the room to change as the children grow older. The furniture, toys, and decorations will change over time as the child's taste does, but the crisp white walls will remain ready for the next trends and fazes to come and go. 

The master bedroom

What a beautiful master bedroom this is! We can imagine how splendid it would be to wake up each morning as the sun's warm rays creep through the huge windows.

Modernity reigns supreme here as we find a combination of modern items and finishes. The bed sheeting is intensely modern with the choice of grey bedding covers and cream throw blanket providing the bed with a rich blend of pattern and textures.

A tropical paradise

Outside again on the opposite side of the home, the architects have created a stunning oasis in the middle of the city. The garden has been designed to be a tropical paradise and is characterised by a beautiful deck, ferns, palms and sandy coloured tones. A beautiful swimming pool has been integrated perfectly into the design of the garden. Notice how the pool has been designed to interact with the lines of the home, being positioned right against the border of the main building. 

A beautiful ending

Just as important as swimming in the cool waters of the pool is finding a place to kick back and relax. Sipping on their morning coffee or a maybe with a cocktail in hand on the weekends, you can be sure that the owners will always find the time to be right here in their beautiful tropical garden. 

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Where would you spend your time in this beautiful home? Let us know in the comments, below.

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