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Stripes, Prego Sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro Prego Sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro Modern style bedroom
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Whether you pick out a professional interior designer/decorator to blow some life into your home or tackle those interiors as a DIY project, a firm dose of creativity is required if you want the end result to be stylish and beautiful. Fortunately, the piece on show here on homify 360° today has no qualms about being labelled bland or boring, for Portuguese design firm Prego Sem Estopa took their passion for colours and patterns and flaunted it just about everywhere. 

The end result? An absolute masterpiece that is vividly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

See for yourself to catch some colourful tips…

The colourful corridor

Many people feel like they’ve hit a brick wall when faced with the task of decorating a hallway. But here we are treated to a beautiful combination of serene whites and perky blues for a vivid contrast that is also quite soft on the eye. 

The creamy whites continue to adorn the furnishing like the circular mirror, cabinet and sculpture, adding more brightness and cheer to the small space.

And for some extra contrast, light touches of sunny yellow, lush green and striking red were brought in to counteract most delightfully with the whites and blues.

Terrific tones for the bedroom

Don’t think for one second that the private spaces of this house got a raw deal in terms of design – this bedroom is an absolute delight thanks to the greens and pinks that make the space come alive. 

An eye-catching pattern adorns the walls, not too busy to detract attention from the furnishing, but just enough to add some detail to the background.

And look: there is even space for a delicate little study area, flaunting the same fashionable look that is a beautiful combination between chic style and playful character.

Contrasting colours

In addition to being oh-so beautiful, the bedroom also goes a long way in teaching us the importance of contrasting colours. Creamy whites do a tremendous job of opening up the room and adding brightness to the space, yet touches of natural green sort of closes it in again – just enough to ensure a cosy look. 

Glows of warm light flow from the bedside tables, offsetting most fantastically with the cool greens.

The cheerful kiddies’ corner

The bright palette of colours shows us yet again what it can do, only this time it opts for a more cheery side – this is, after all, a space for the younger ones. Along with the vertical lines adding a soft nautical feel to the walls, this room also incorporates the use of bright red that pops up out of the lampshade, love seat and the cushion covers. 

And this beautiful colour combination makes this room equally perfect for both boys and girls, don’t you think? 

For extra character (and cuteness), two adorable knitted zebra designs are beautifully mounted on the wall. Notice how every element of this room, regardless of where it is placed, brings immense cheer and playfulness in its unique way.

Fresh touches

To make the inclusion of natural greens even stronger, some actual pieces of nature were inserted into the house – in the form of potted indoor plants, flowers and fruit. 

Just see how strikingly this huge vase with soft-pink lilies plays along with the rest of the colour palette, ensuring a touch of elegance.

The colourful living room

The cool, stripy feel of the hallway continues into the living room, where a beautiful selection of blues immediately raises our comfort- and relaxation levels (it’s a proven fact that blue tones in a room calms the senses). 

In addition to the whites of the window treatment and select furniture pieces, touches of greens and yellow also counteract splendidly with the blues, ensuring an eye-catching effect without taking away any of the elegant magic of the colour palette.

An interior job well done, simply because of the unique selection of colours and patterns! 

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