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A sad to sizzling kitchen renovation

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Who doesn’t love to rummage around in the kitchen and pretend that they’re the latest and greatest contestant on Master Chef or Come Dine With Me? Well, to be a winning chef you need some winning ingredients, and a functional and stylish kitchen is definitely a requirement! 

Unfortunately, a lot of kitchens present a few issues that are bound to make that winning recipe fall flat. Sometimes it’s a lack of storage space, and other times the cluttered chaos or a dimly lit workbench is to blame. The fact remains: whatever the problem might be, and however big or small the space, a kitchen can be quite difficult to get right. 

But fear not, for cabinet specialists Boss Kitchens are in charge of today’s makeover challenge. After being presented with a lacklustre space, their creative minds took control of the situation, allowing them to add in plenty of cupboards, drawers, benches, upgraded appliances, and even an oh-so practical pantry.

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Before: A terrible waste of space

That washing machine jutting out from underneath the workbench doesn’t work at all (style-wise, at least). 

In addition, the waste bin takes up far too much room, and the countertops just seem cluttered as there are not enough storage cabinets.

Before: Cluttered chaos

Now for the other side of the kitchen. While these surfaces are in relatively good condition, the organisation factor is sadly missing. Look at how that fridge is awkwardly squashed into the corner. 

The entire layout feels more like a walk-through closet space rather than a culinary dream spot where you can spend hours and hours conjuring up five-star recipes. And we all know how important it is for the modern kitchen to be clean, tidy and inviting – which this space is, sadly, not.

The new plans

Here we get a sneak peek of the designers’ plans for part of the revised kitchen. Rows of new cabinetry are being inserted both above and below the workbench, treating these homeowners to some much-needed storage opportunities. 

And behold: that poor little fridge has been shuffled around to face the middle of the room, making it much easier to use. 

Regarding the other appliances, both the oven and range hood have been upgraded, and there is even some new space for a microwave.

The new plans part 2

Now for the washing-up area. This re-design is including several new ingredients: the kitchen tiling is being updated to flaunt a more contemporary style, surfaces are also modernised to make the appliances fit in more comfortably (washing machine, we’re looking at you!), and a slick new dishwasher is being added into the appliance family. 

And yes! More cupboards are being installed into the corner, making for a perfect spot to keep all those containers, products and other kitchen elements that seem to multiply on a daily basis.

The new layout

Design Top View including pantry addition. Boss Custom Kitchens (PTY)LTD
Boss Custom Kitchens (PTY)LTD

Design Top View including pantry addition.

Boss Custom Kitchens (PTY)LTD

This bird’s eye view of the entire kitchen layout shows us how neatly everything fits together. And even though this kitchen might not be the biggest one you’ve ever seen, we must commend the designers for their expert use of space and layout to make this a practical and functional culinary zone. 

And check out the pantry in the bottom-left corner, presenting so much storage space for groceries and other kitchen goodies! 

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After: The sleek new space

Ta-da! High-quality ceramic tiling, polished granite countertops, a state-of-the-art range hood and a set-in stovetop. And don’t forget the new cabinetry. 

The new design flaunts a monochrome look of white, grey, silver and black, keeping it cool and classy. This makes the touch of turquoise tiling on the backsplash stand out that much more.

After: Ready for action

And now for the other side of the new kitchen. What was once a pretty messy area that lacked character and style has now been turned into a pleasant and welcoming work space. Behold that corner of cabinets—such a clever touch to both store and display a number of goodies. 

Right below the microwave we find professional-grade oven drawers, which are sure to see their fair share of top-quality meals on a daily basis! 

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