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An eyeful look into the making of this eco-friendly mountain home

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City dwellers, who have to endure daily traffic and pollution, deserve a peaceful retreat in the mountains like this beautiful property in Alicante, Spain. A project by homify professionals Jurgen Van Weereld and Karin Giesberts, this prefabricated house in wood blends a rustic exterior with an ultra-modern interior, which makes it an ideal retreat for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Read on to find out how this mountain marvel came to be:

Quaint escape

This container-type wooden structure was created with the idea to promote the creative use of environment-friendly materials to build homes. For its facade, glass was used as a material for the doors and windows, giving it a modern edge. This, along with the contemporary exterior design of horizontal paneling, gives a contemporary twist to what could have been just any mountain cabin. 

Square one

Let's look into the method used in its creation. Here, a four-point cement base was placed along the corners, elevating the structure and making detachment possible should there be a need for a evacuation — a good idea, especially in the Philippines, where calamities are very common. Attached to the cement base, meanwhile, is the prefabricated wooden lattice framework for the flooring.

Next step

Linking and covering the edges of the flooring base are the wooden planks. Fastened to those planks are the wooden wall panels in white. You'll also notice that the flooring has also been layered with another layer of wood. On top of it sits the final layer. 

Third procedure

Here, the walls noticeably look sturdier because of the attached exterior. Take a look at the thickness of one of those neatly-lined pieces of wood! Portions of the flooring have also been filled in, plus the top planks holding together the walls have been placed. 

Polishing touches

Adding character to this exterior, glass doors, and windows lined with wood were utilized. It also seems that an owner has the choice of sanding and staining the wood for better texture and luster. At this point, the exterior appears to have been sanded, but not yet coated with varnish. Matching the main structure, the stairs were also made of wood. See the intricate framing used on those two steps. 

Natural touch

An uneven sanding technique on the panels gives off a charmingly weathered look that perfectly matches its natural surroundings. On a side note, the designers have also made good use of that available space on the front by converting it into an al fresco dining spot, great for barbecues and reunions. 

Basic layout

The interior of this structure has got everything you need for a house on a mountain, perhaps even more. It features two bedrooms (one alternates as a study), a single bathroom, and a modestly spacious living room slash dining area with a kitchen. 

Sustainable and functional

Modern couches with a long wooden coffee table, and a wall or, shall we say, panel-mounted television prove that this cabin in the mountain is not your usual. Look at that promising view through the glass doors and windows! This space definitely puts the living in living room. 

What's in a loo

Simple as it seems, this prefabricated wooden home actually has sleek amenities. That small hint of wooden brown against the clean white and transparent glass exude modest luxury. It's hard to imagine that this sleek bathroom is in a prefabricated mountain home. 

Shutter shades

From the facade, this window right by the bedroom actually looks interesting. It differs from the tall glass ones adjacent to it, but from the inside it is even more enchanting because it allows slits of sunlight into the room. It also gives the bedroom it much-needed privacy.

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