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How to make your small bathroom feel like a 5* hotel

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Espaces à Rêver Industrial style bathroom
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Unlike the kitchen or living room, the bathroom is a space that we tend to… well, hide. Seeing as it is one of the most personal and private areas in a house, it makes perfect sense that we don’t want to offer our guests a seat on the toilet and in the tub and start chit-chatting. But still, nobody can get away with not having a bathroom, so we may as well inject it with a strong sense of style and beauty, right?

But forget about adding two potted plants and a new shower rug, for today we are going to show you how to really style up that bathroom of yours. Think of luxurious hotels and super fancy restaurants that always leave us in awe – that’s what we’re aiming for! 

Let’s get started…

1. Eye-catching touches

Those glamorous hotel bathrooms are not just about taking care of business and washing your hands – they are about experiencing beauty and elegance whilst doing whatever you need to do. And they accomplish this by means of striking décor pieces.

So, for your own bathroom, add a vase or two, a few fancy bottles of hand- and bath soap, a wicker basket for your rolled-up towels, and perhaps an antique piece to place next to your sink.

2. A wooden vanity

We are crazy about how this rustic wooden vanity contrasts with the modern mirror and tiled wall. To add to this effect, some plants help to convey the organic quality that these bathroom designers are striving for.

Opt for one big piece that will help to achieve contrast in your own bathroom.

3. A bubbling sensation

Light filtering into the Master Bathroom studio XS Modern bathroom
studio XS

Light filtering into the Master Bathroom

studio XS

This one might cost a bit more, but the results will be pure heaven… a hot tub! 

It is the perfect element to give your bathroom that luxurious look and feel. Plus, adding some bath salts and foam will really make that cleansing experience feel like you’re visiting a top-notch spa.

4. A garden with outdoor tub

Enjoying a bubble bath in nature is really an experience that no words can describe. But seeing as the UK does not really afford us the opportunity to soak it up outside in warm weather, we’ll have to come up with a plan B.

So how about greening up the tub area of your bathroom with potted plants, flowers in vases, and some raw and natural materials like wood? Add a big glass pane to provide a nice garden view (bear in mind not to bear it all for the neighbours), dim down the lights, and enjoy!

5. A stone sink

How many times do you stop and stare at your sink? If it’s your regular run-of-the-mill design in white porcelain, there’s really no reason to admire it for very long, is there? 

But putting in a stone model will really grab attention, especially if it contrasts with a wooden vanity and some lush flowers.

6. Striking tiles

Tired of those ordinary tiles? Mix them up with new colours and patterns, as shown in this delightful design above. 

But remember that your choice in tiles need to balance and complement each other without clashing, otherwise the results can be quite sickening. In our example above, blue is the main colour that shows up in both designs.

So, pick a primary tone for your tiles, and take it from there!

7. A vibrant tone

Speaking of colours, who said that each and every bathroom needs to be white? Certainly not us, that is why we are inspiring you to explore that colour palette.

Want to splash some bright red on those walls? Go for it! Just remember that your choice of colour needs to work with your chosen style and design. 

Take a look at this cool blue bathroom space above for some inspiration.

8. Some wall niches

For bathroom storage- or displaying purposes, you can do so much more than hanging shelves or adding baskets. 

Wall niches just add a certain je ne sais quoi that few other elements can achieve – it shows off luxury and style and speak of an artistic ambience, even if it is just a hole in the wall.

9. An extra large, round mirror

Know what can really contrast with that square tub and sink and wall tiles? A large, round mirror that really stands out, especially if you add some back lighting to it. 

It’s amazing what a few curves can achieve…

10. A dramatic change

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London Drummonds Bathrooms Mediterranean style bathroom Tiles
Drummonds Bathrooms

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London

Drummonds Bathrooms

This one is risky, yet if executed correctly can severely enhance your entire bathroom space. Above we can see how colourful, whimsical ceramic motifs add some striking style to the entire floor and shower wall, while a full-length mirror and silver-bodied tub bring in stylish shine.

But like we said, rather consult a professional bathroom designer before you switch up your entire bathroom in such a dramatic fashion! 

For more bathroom beauties, check out these: 38 photos of small but spectacular modern bathrooms.

What other ideas can transform an ordinary bathroom?

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