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homify Top 5: Home improvement and renovation special

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Thermal Insulation - B RenoBuild Algarve Mediterranean style houses
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Before we shine the spotlight on this week's highlights, make sure you've got a notepad and pen handy because have we got some great ideas for you in this week's Top 5!

If you're unfamiliar with the format, think of us as your BBC iPlayer. It's where you can catch up on all the week's highlights in one place. That's it?, we hear you say. Well, we're all about making things easy.

This week you were interested in our beginner's guide to renovating a house, low-cost home improvement ideas and DIY fixes for common kitchen problems. You also clicked in your droves on our advice to solve the top 10 flooring problems and our article that examined those small and easy repairs you can actually do yourself.

Did you spot a home improvement theme? Perhaps it has something to do with the new year? Resolutions and all that!

This could well be our most practical assortment of articles yet, so get comfortable and don't forget to make notes!

1. Your complete beginner's guide to renovating a house

External Thermal Insulation (ETICS) RenoBuild Algarve Mediterranean style houses
RenoBuild Algarve

External Thermal Insulation (ETICS)

RenoBuild Algarve

Isn’t it great that you don’t have to buy heaps and heaps of building materials to build a house from scratch? You can simply take an old existing one, splash a new coat of paint on it, replace the ‘welcome’ mat, and move in!

Actually renovating an old property involves a bit (okay, a lot) more work, yet for those who love a challenge, it is the best way to either find their dream home, or spruce up an outdated structure so that others might find their dream home.  

Take a rough look at what goes into renovating an old house, should this be something you’ve always dreamed of doing.

2. Home improvement ideas under £100

Nickleby | Felsted | Bespoke Classic Contemporary Kitchen Humphrey Munson Classic style kitchen
Humphrey Munson

Nickleby | Felsted | Bespoke Classic Contemporary Kitchen

Humphrey Munson

We presented 25 low-cost home improvements that you could tackle in a weekend and we know you're going to be unable to resist having a go at them! 

Family and friends will assume you've hired a top interior designer when they see what a big difference you've made, but we'll keep your secret, if you will?

3. DIY fixes for your most common kitchen problems

Thanks to Murphy’s Law, your picture-perfect kitchen that you just finished cleaning and packing will not remain that way, especially if you have little ones running around your house.

But even though those surfaces will get dirty and some features may break down time after time, you don’t need to resort to never ever setting foot inside your kitchen again. Just keep these 8 clever tricks in mind the next time your patience is tested – we guarantee they will make working in (and cleaning up) your kitchen much easier and more pleasant than you ever thought possible!

4. Our readers' top 10 flooring problems (to learn from)

Full interior house painting, South West London The Hamilton Group Classic style bedroom
The Hamilton Group

Full interior house painting, South West London

The Hamilton Group

Who doesn’t love a beautiful floor in their house? Be it laminate, stone, hardwood or tile, a beautiful floor (that is also clean) can go a long way in making your home look elegant and stylish.

But like all things in life, floors are not forever, and the occasional revamp might be necessary, especially if you’re living in a rather old house. The problem, however, arises when you try to look for a quick-fix in terms of making those floors beautiful again – trust us when we say there’s no such thing. 

So, to help you realise this (before you learn a very expensive lesson), take a look at some common mistakes other homeowners have made when it came to their floors.

5. Small and easy repairs you can actually do yourself

Who needs a professional around the house? Well that depends on what you need done, obviously. Experts are definitely the go-to persons to call if you need a major task completed like tearing down a wall, re-wiring the entire kitchen, or building new garden fencing.

But since not all of us are equally talented (or energetic), some may opt for phoning up a professional for the teeniest, tiniest jobs around the house, such as a faucet that just won’t quite dripping. 

For the rest of you who feel like flexing your DIY muscles, put down the phone and fix it yourself – we’ll show you how!

Go on, tell us which article was your favourite!

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