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Kitchens are integral to the functionality of a home—they provide a central point for refuelling oneself, socialising with friends and family, and relaxing after a long day. The eat-in kitchen provides all that and more. Who needs a second room for dining, when you can combine both rooms into one? More than simply a kitchen, the eat-in space is a multi-tasker, an excellent way to bring people together. Gone are the days of the closed-off kitchen, where poor designated souls slave away in the kitchen alone. This kitchen design creates conversation, a place to discuss, chat and participate in the preparation, cooking, and eating process. Not only a space saver, the eat-in kitchen allows a sense of cohesion within the home. 

Open up your floorplan, consider this highly versatile style of cook space, and provide a place for friends to hang out, children to do homework, and family to gather. Want to see some great examples? Take a look below, and begin planning your next multi-functional, open plan kitchen today.

Rustic modern breakfast space

Eat-in kitchens are extremely versatile—take a look at this example, the designers have brilliantly combined a lower ground space with a rustic timber beam structure, along with the convenience of a modern kitchen. Sit back and enjoy your meal being prepared right in front of you and take in the elegantly timeless décor. This kitchen is a well-decorated space, from the industrial bar stools, to the crisp modernity of the joinery, the room is clean, spacious and lively.

Create a space where there isn’t one

If you want a kitchen that doubles as an eating space but unfortunately do not have a specific space, you can easily create one with the help of a pair of bar stools. This kitchen shows how, even though there is not a designated space, with the clever use of seating you can create one. This option offers versatility too, simply remove the seats when not in use, and you will have a spacious kitchen island.

Interesting finishes

The eat-in kitchen offers many different options in terms of finishes, and with the added benefit of a dining area, you can customise your space to suit the mood. Take a look at this kitchen, the seating is minimal, and contrasts the beautiful light driftwood finish of the kitchen island. Think outside the box when you design your kitchen, include textures and colours that are timeless yet innovative and original.

Contemporary timber elements

If you want a kitchen that is contemporary with a hint of originality, then check out this kitchen above. Truly a unique and interesting space, the kitchen compliments the décor of the space, and adds to the intriguing design. Simply add timber kitchen island, industrial stools, and contemporary furniture. What really makes this space stand out from the rest is the use of exposed textures and finishes; brickwork, concrete flooring, raw timber kitchen, and sleek white paint that all contrast and coordinate with each other to provide an interesting and inventive space.

Country alpine living

We all love the class and comfort of a rustic kitchen, so it makes sense that an eat-in kitchen would work perfectly in this setting. Set up your space to be enjoyed with a large kitchen island, replete with matching timber stools that tuck away when not in use. Moreover, evoke a sense of alpine luxury with a light soap finished timber, exposed timber beams, and warm white walls.

Clean fresh integration

This is an excellent example of an eat-in kitchen—the space evokes the feeling of a galley cooking area, but is much wider, and makes the most of the light by incorporating a clean fresh white colour scheme. To truly participate the diners within the space, the kitchen island is well-integrated and creates an area that is not just a kitchen, but a family and friend oriented space for entertaining, gathering, and sharing time with one another.

What is your opinion on the eat-in kitchen? Practical or impractical? Let us know in the comments below.

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