Bathroom remodelling tips and tricks

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Hospital-issue flaky mint walls, sickly sweet apricot tiles, and a mirror whose edges are flaking and losing their silver. Sound familiar?  Unfortunately too many of us have suffered through some truly terrible bathrooms. From garish and gaudy 60s suburbia, to the white laminate counter tops of 90s nightmares, we have all experienced a bad wash space in one form or another. Our bathrooms are the first thing we see in the morning; in order to kick your day off in the right direction, you need a splendiferous spot that is clean and organised. Out with the technicolour tiled monstrosities, rid yourself of the mouldy oak cabinetry, and toss the terrible terrazzo. 

If your bathroom is lacking a little oomph, old, worn out, or in need of facelift, you may want to consider a remodel. But where to begin? Take a gander over the following examples below, get some inspiration, and ensure you wake up each morning to a fresh, clean and renewed space.

Go neutral

So you’ve decided to renovate and refresh your bathroom but are unsure what colour or scheme to choose. Why not go natural and pick a neutral hue? Neutral bathrooms are the epitome of cleanliness, and evoke an orderly chaos free ambience. Take some cues from this example and choose a light mushroom tiled wall, coordinating vanity, built in toilet and crisp white ceiling. The highlight of this bathroom is the double sink unit. A ‘his and hers’ vanity will ensure you have plenty of space when sharing with your significant other, whilst creating a stylish and enjoyable space.

Vintage tub

Vintage bathtubs are currently enjoying a renaissance of epic proportions. Many bathrooms these days are utilising the stylishness and lavish ambience of a vintage tub to create opulence, rustic charm, and a sense of old-world glamour. This bathroom has just that. In this room a copper free-standing bath takes centre stage, while the rustic exposed brick wall and original timber floor ensure the space is pleasant and tranquil.

Colourful flooring

A simple remodelling tool for a new and exciting bathroom is to retile the floor. Instead of picking something usual and predictable, why not choose a tile that is bright, colourful and exciting. This bathroom has employed a patterned triangular floor with a subtle white, and bright blue contrast tile. This floor tile is a simple attractive way to create interest within the space and can break up the monotony of a neutral or white bathroom.

Timber elements

Timber elements may not seem like an easily incorporated feature, but in actual fact, they can contribute greatly to the overall ambience of a bathroom space. This bathroom illustrates a simple white tiled space with white fixtures, and chrome fittings. Now, normally this bathroom would be perfectly suitable, but in order to inject a little appeal and charisma into the space, the vanity, window frame, and shelving are constructed from a contrasting timber veneer.

Black and white

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms Minimalist bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

If you are looking for a simple bathroom remodelling idea, consider the use of black and white contrasts. Within a space, creating contrast with different hues and shades can be the best way to employ a sense of originality and rejuvenation. This bathroom illustrates a perfect space that has incorporated, not only black and white into its colour scheme, but also mixes embellishments in the form of art, patterned floor tiles and stunning walk in shower.

Mix textures

Mixing textures is a simple and effective way to remodel your bathroom to look stunningly original and innovative. This example utilises timber, slate hues, and ceramic tiles to cover the main surfaces of the bathroom, while the different colours of each material infuse a sense of interest and tranquil ambience. Consider using different textures in your bathroom such as timber to evoke a sense of warmth, and slate toned tiles to counteract this and infuse cool serenity.

Did these tips and tricks inspire you? What are you considering for your new bathroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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