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​This wasted space becomes a special place to live

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Have you ever stopped and truly wondered what infinite possibilities architecture offers us? From creating brand new structures to reconstructing existing ones, architecture is pure magic when it comes to changing how we view (and feel about) a specific space. The reason why we seem to be in a reminiscing mood is because today’s ‘before and after’ piece is beautiful proof of how a run-down area can be transformed in its entirety. 

The ‘before’ state of this structure was quite run-down and hideous, which only separates the ‘after’ results even further in terms of visual aesthetics and potential. Upon first look it will be quite impossible to be certain whether this is actually the same project – but trust us, it is.

Before: A lifeless space

No judgment if you wouldn’t want to venture here without company – we feel the same! This image depicts the severe abandonment that this location suffered before the professionals in charge of this renovation project stepped in.

Take a good, long look at the neglect of this image – and then compare it…

After: Hello, gorgeous!

… with this! Doesn’t this image of a front entrance just look so chic and inviting? 

The combination of new materials (brick, wood, stone tile, glass) and neutral hues transport this ‘after’ image light years away from the derelict look it started out with, although the fact that the new space is well-maintained also deserves special mention.  

Ready to see more?

After: A complete 180

Compare this image with our very first one – quite astonishing! Here we see the driveway and exterior façade of a quaint little block of flats that definitely has the contemporary look in spades. 

Light touches of gardening also feature quite strong, contrasting deliciously with the hard building materials and neutral colours to instil a sense of soft lushness. How wonderful!

After: The new garden(s)

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at the new garden areas. Here, at the back area of one of the flats, we see a private garden area that flows superbly into a charming wooden deck that leads us indoors. 

The architects opted to include a strong link with the well-maintained outdoors and the modern indoors by using as many glass panes in their creation as possible. Besides, who would object to sitting in, say, the living room and kitchen and seeing a charming landscape view of a perfectly maintained lawn and elegant potted plants outside? Certainly not us!

After: Spacious and bright

Time to see if the interior areas can achieve the same “wow” effect of the exteriors – and it would seem that they can! 

Who would have guessed, judging from the outside, how spacious the interiors would be? Here we get a sneak peek of one of the flats’ open-plan layouts, which include an entryway, living room, dining area and staircase – all decked out to perfection with modern style and contemporary character. 

What do you think of that colour palette: a crisp white hue that dominates the floor, walls and ceiling, with select contrasting tones (cool blue and hot orange) added in for visual effect? We are mad about it!

After: Let in the light

As already mentioned, the generous glass panes allow the modest garden areas to seep indoors, yet they also ensure that natural lighting becomes part and parcel of the interiors. 

See here how the open-plan living area opens up onto the terrace and garden, making both interior- and exterior area to appear much larger than they are. Absolutely stunning!

After: The kitchen with so much character

Around a corner of the open-plan living zone we locate the modern kitchen, which continues to impress not only in terms of looks, but also functionality (beauty and brains). 

Various cupboards ensure an abundance of storage spaces for a multitude of kitchen accessories, while an open countertop and island area treats these fortunate inhabitants to ample prepping space for a number of dishes. 

Industrial-style ceiling lamps and a quirky green backsplash bring about a charming character for this culinary corner’s design.

After: The bathroom of elegance

Not that we’ve saved the best for last, but honestly: how many people would scoff at a bathroom like this? 

A curvy tub that promises hours and hours of stylish relaxation; a floor-to-ceiling window that adds both landscape and sunshine to the space; ceiling lamps that dangle at various sizes for a unique look in terms of lighting; and a light monochrome colour palette that expertly combines snow whites with cloud greys – a dream bathroom if we’ve ever seen one!

Great style will only bring you so far; dedicated maintenance is just as important. But don’t stress, for: This is how to clean your bathroom in under 10 minutes.

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