​How to decorate your home like a professional designer

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Here on homify we just love to decorate, whether it’s styling up a bedroom, picking out a centrepiece for the dining room, or opting for a full-blown kitchen renovation. However, smiles and giggles aside, designing your space can be quite an intimidating task, especially once words like “budget” and “clashing” are added into the mix. It’s enough to make anybody lose their focus and forget that interior decorating should also be fun! 

So, what are your options? You can phone up one of our professional interior designers and decorators here on homify for some expert advice, or you can scroll ahead, gather some tips we’ve collected from the pros, and tackle that decorating project yourself.

1. Find furniture you love

Living Room Clean Design Modern living room
Clean Design

Living Room

Clean Design

Take your time when furnishing your home, as a rushed decorating job will definitely show. Besides, you’re not aiming to have a lot of furniture, but rather the right furniture. Thus, never fill up a space just for the sake of it.

So, scour flea markets, collect books about your interests, layer in different textures, keep an eye out for visual delights on your travels, and only purchase items which you truly love.

2. Be organised

Laura Ashley Range Hehku Country style kitchen

Laura Ashley Range


Clear out that clutter! If you don’t love it, then donate it – starting off with a blank space is much easier when you’re tackling an interior decorating job.

3. Trust your gut

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill Drummonds Bathrooms Modern bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Drummonds Bathrooms

Your sixth sense is usually right. When it’s time to make decisions, it can be overwhelming because there are so many great ideas to choose from. 

However, you will find it’s often your first impression that is the right one.

4. Bring the outdoors in

Family Room Clean Design Modern living room
Clean Design

Family Room

Clean Design

Don’t think for one second that plants and flowers are exclusive to outside spaces. Plants add warmth and life to a room, and they also bring in colour and give an organic, fresh element to interiors. 

Consider fresh herbs in the kitchen for a nice touch, a beautiful vase with colourful florals to finish your living room, or succulents on a coffee table.

5. Light it right

Never underestimate the importance of what lighting can do to a room. In addition to project a certain ambience, your lighting fixture of choice must also complement the room – how many spaces have you seen where the chandelier or ceiling lamps are delicious eye candy? 

Pick out your lighting pieces to add personality and impact to your room. Even a singular lamp can stand alone as art and create the perfect mood.

6. Do not overindulge with design

What looks good on a website won’t necessarily work in real life. By all means, use Pinterest and homify to gather ideas for your interiors, by never try and accumulate every single design you find into one room. 

You want your home to feel inviting and unique, not like you bought all your furniture- and décor pieces at once.

7. Don’t forget the art

Living Room Wall Paper Ghar360

Living Room Wall Paper


Want your home to flaunt a sophisticated look? Buy some art pieces that move you and then hang them at eye level—art is often hung too high. 

Art pieces should be an extension of your personal style and taste, and of what speaks to you.

8. Have a gallery wall

Bloominville Storage Unit House Envy Scandinavian style living room
House Envy

Bloominville Storage Unit

House Envy

Have some fun in creating a gallery wall, whether it’s the focal point of a room or a simple little detail on the side. 

Incorporate pictures of friends and family, places you have travelled to, handwritten notes, your own photography, the kiddies’ artwork, etc. And dare to be different by blowing up old photographs, even if they are blurry and aged—this will tell your history and be an artistic statement.

9. Always edit

Less is usually more. When you choose a simple palette and the right pieces for the foundation of a room, the only thing left to do is to add a few details to finish it off. 

Accessorising a little can go a long way!

10. Add an element of surprise

Pastel Chevron Pixers Eclectic style dining room Multicolored

Pastel Chevron


There are certainly no hard and fast rules when it comes to design; guidelines exist, sure, but you are allowed to bend the rules every so often and bring in a surprising touch to suit your personal style. 

After all, this is your home where you should feel safe and stylish. 

Speaking of surprises, you will be amazed at how: This façade hides paradise!

What other decorating tips are you dying to add?

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