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American Dream, MPD London MPD London Classic rooms
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Games rooms are always fun places to hang out, and are suited not just to kids, but to adults and children alike. From toddlers to adults, having a room of the home dedicated solely to fun and taking time out is always going to result in good times. Decorating a games room need not be serious, and if it gets a little messy, then that's fine too. To help you create a space in your home the whole family will love, take some ideas from these games room from around Britain. 

An essential; a pool table

American Dream, MPD London MPD London Classic rooms
MPD London

American Dream

MPD London

When we think of a games room, the first thing that comes to mind is of course, a pool table. This epic games room on the outskirts of London aimed to “create a fun bachelor escape, and create a comfortable space for entertaining”. As you can see the brief was well and truly met. Complete with a home bar and huge lounge for watching football and films, this is the ultimate bachelor's hang out.

Use colour

Games rooms are all about fun, so don't be scared to use colour to your advantage, and make sure the space is always well lit and inviting. TVs are a particularly essential element to any games room. When the cold outside ensures nobody is leaving the house, a big TV will keep both kids and adults entertained.

Make a statement

Eclectic Apartment, The Orange Lane The Orange Lane Asian style media room
The Orange Lane

Eclectic Apartment

The Orange Lane

Don't be afraid to decorate with bold wall murals, wall hangings, or any other pieces of art that make a loud statement. After all, you don't want to be too serious in a games room.

Basement games room

Redesdaale Street Chelsea Basement Development Playroom Shape Architecture Modern nursery/kids room
Shape Architecture

Redesdaale Street Chelsea Basement Development Playroom

Shape Architecture

At a glance, you would be unaware this modern kid's hangout is actually in a basement. The light hearted approach to decorating, and the addition of a skylight to means natural light reaches the basement, ensuring that this room will be a favourite.

Kid's respite

Kid's need respite, too. And what better place to take some time out than in these recessed hideaways? This modern games room has it all; bright colours, toys, a funky rug, even an indoor rock climbing wall.


Spartan Pool/Dining Table Designer Billiards Modern dining room Tables
Designer Billiards

Spartan Pool/Dining Table

Designer Billiards

Games room can be multifunctional, and be used for more than just fun. Unbeknownst to others, this dining table is actually a pool table underneath, and can easily be transformed to become the wonderful table we see here.

Activity table

Activity Table & Toy Organiser CONSTRUCTION CENTRE Finoak LTD Modern nursery/kids room Desks & chairs
Finoak LTD

Activity Table & Toy Organiser CONSTRUCTION CENTRE

Finoak LTD

How good is this multifunctional, multi purpose activity table? Designed to help children organise toys as well as have fun, it gives kids a space to develop creativity and stay organised. The draws come with many compartments to help avoid having hundreds of tiny toys laying around on the floor.

Wonder easel

Wonder Easel Finoak LTD Modern nursery/kids room Desks & chairs
Finoak LTD

Wonder Easel

Finoak LTD

An equally as unique and creative piece aimed to encourage learning is this “Wonder Easel”, which allows kids to learn to paint through copying. First by learning to trace lines, then learning to colour in, kids can be learn to paint in a completely different way, and can easily learn from their mistakes by comparing to the original underneath.

Encourage reading

Tidy Books Children's Bookcase - white Tidy Books Modern nursery/kids room Storage
Tidy Books

Tidy Books Children's Bookcase—white

Tidy Books

Reading is a fundamental life skill, so the addition of books in any play room is always a great idea. The feeling of a real book in your hands is hard to beat, so to encourage kids away from the screen and into a good book, a colourful book stand such as this might be ideal for your games room.

Want more fun decorating tips for your home? Then check out our 5 tips for furnishing children's rooms.

What's one thing you couldn't do without in a games room? Let us know in the comments below.

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