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​12 life-improving designs for your home's laundry area

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Clean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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We are all aware of the importance of a house having a functional side in addition to a beautiful one. After all, our homes are where we live, which goes hand in hand with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and working.

Thus, for today’s piece, we want to focus on a working zone that, in our books at least, gets far too little attention: the laundry room. Whether you choose to dedicate one day a week to dirty laundry or toss those garments into the washing at the end of each day is completely up to you. However, we feel it is our responsibility to treat you to some visual inspiration for your laundry space in terms of both functional layout and aesthetic beauty.

Thus, scroll on and see our 12 must-see examples.

1. Narrow, yet welcoming

Don’t let this narrow, hallway-like space put you off, for these designers opted for light colours and clever designs to free up as much legroom as possible (and flaunt a visually spacious layout in the end). 

Just look at how functional those wall rods and –hooks turn out to be without taking up so much as a millimetre of floor space!

2. Adequate storage

Laundry definitely requires a handful of items, such as detergent, laundry pins, a basket, not to mention bigger elements like a washing machine and dryer. 

Look how fantastically this laundry area above manages to squeeze in all these items, and more, without the space becoming cluttered or cramped. A definite source of inspiration for all of us in terms of storage!

3. Clever add-ons

Not blessed with a spacious room for folding and storing laundry? All you really need is a vertical area (like a wall or even a cupboard) for some modular shelving units.

4. A unique space

Not all homes come complete with laundry areas, which means it’s up to some clever planning when placing your washing machine, dryer and other relevant items. 

Note how this example chose to combine the washing area with the pantry, effectively separating the two spaces via the floor.

5. Luxurious details

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

Just like the kitchen , the laundry area is a working space. 

And just like the kitchen, the laundry area needs to be decked out in a certain amount of style and beauty – after all, you will be spending some time there on a regular basis, so you may as well opt for neat flooring, elegant hues, fancy cupboards, and other elements to spruce up the space, right?

6. Small touches of colour

Don’t get us wrong – we love a neutral colour scheme as much as the next person, but some colourful touches just bring a certain something to a space that one can’t ignore.

Do the same with your laundry area – whether it’s the ironing board or the baskets in which you keep your laundry pins, have certain surfaces flaunt some bright colours (such as hot pink, ocean blue, grass green, etc.) to enjoy a cheerful effect.

7. The disguising factor

No need to display your laundry space loud and proud. 

This example opted to keep the appliances hidden behind cupboard doors, which certainly goes a long way in keeping the room looking neat and clean on a regular basis – except for laundry day, of course.

8. Go up

Like we said earlier, you only need adequate vertical space to have an efficient laundry room, and this example proves it by stacking the one appliance on top of the other in neat shelf-like units. 

Notice how much floor space this simple little effect conjures up!

9. Keeping it together

If your washing machine is in the garage, but the detergents and laundry baskets are, say, located in a kitchen cupboard on the other side of the house, we don’t blame you for fearing laundry day. So much effort and hassle just to clean a few shirts and trousers! 

Rather keep everything neatly placed together, like this very clever example above. Doing laundry is hard enough without you having to run all over the place to retrieve the necessary tools.

10. Sleek and slim

You know the aesthetic effect it can have on a kitchen when opting for sleek and cutting-edge appliances; so, why would you want to treat your laundry space to old and drab-looking ones? 

See our range of kitchen planners for that kitchen look (and layout) of your dreams.

11. The importance of light

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a row of windows in your laundry space as shown above, then please opt for adequate lighting. Seeing as it’s a working space, your laundry room requires excellent illumination.

You don’t want to accidentally mix in a bright-red sock (gasp!) with the white load just because you can’t see properly, do you?

12. A slight separation

We understand that space is rather limited in most homes, but don’t worry – you don’t need a majestic door that swings open and separates your kitchen from your laundry room. 

This glass door above easily slides aside (taking up much less legroom) to reveal a hidden laundry space. So clever and yet so simple!

Now it’s on to the culinary corner; see these: 12 kitchen errors you make (and how to avoid them).

Which of these designs inspired you to tackle yours?

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