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​7 detached houses you could build with a tiny budget

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Detached homes are standalone structures that don’t share an exterior wall with another house or building, and these are typically the most desirable when it comes to single-family units. They are also known as single-detached dwellings or separate houses. 

But stop cursing yourself for not winning the lottery – you don’t need it. At least not to treat yourself to a detached house, for the examples we are viewing today were all constructed on a budget. 

Whether they made use of low-cost materials or are prefab houses, these seven detached houses all provide beauty and functionality to their inhabitants without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a look…

1a. Fit for a family

Our first option comes with an interesting back story: this structure used to be an old farm barn used for storing tractors and other agricultural tools before it was converted into the quirky little home it is now (clever idea, don’t you think?). 

One thing that is clear from this house’s façade is that it comes with lots of space – and a beautiful view, of course.

1b. The rustic interior

Can you believe that these interior spaces used to house farm implements? 

Of course a lot of work went into achieving the beauty these spaces now flaunt, including replacing the floors with hardwood surfaces, treating the walls to some fresh colours, and adding numerous touch-ups seemingly everywhere, including the stone-clad corner area which now houses the modern fireplace.

2a. A straw option

Forget about The Three Little Pigs—straw houses are definitely a winning option when it comes to low-cost housing. 

Combined with more sturdy materials like wood, a façade that’s straw-coated as seen in our second example will surely provide you with a sturdy structure to call your dream home.

2b. A simple yet stylish interior

Know what the great thing about opting for a straw house is? The look on guests’ faces when they walk indoors and see the super modern / deliciously rustic / stylishly Scandinavian / lavishly classic furnishings you picked out. 

Because regardless of what furniture and décor pieces you go with, they will contrast quite effectively with that straw-clad façade on the outside. 

Allow the expert interior designers and decorators to give your interiors that dreamy look – see our professionals page for more information.

3a. Timber panels

Like our previous example, this wooden house uses no concrete in its construction, meaning a huge saving in building costs. Plus nobody can deny the unique appeal of a timber-panelled house.

3b. The cosy interiors

Speaking of appealing, how about translating those wooden panels into an interior room, letting them flaunt a warm and cosy space that can look so charming and inviting – just like this open-plan room above proves to us?

4a. A very cute look

Despite its small size, this little house has a massive personality thanks to its cute-looking façade. 

The roof shingles, the expertly maintained front garden, the overhang above the front door, the creamy hues of the walls – you’d never guess that low-cost materials were opted for to achieve this striking vision.

4b. Fantastically stylish

Quite a surprise to discover that the insides appear so… spacious, right? Here we get a view of the lounge that’s decked out in a soft colour palette of dusty neutrals that adorn everything, from the hardwood floors to the elegant sofa.

That’s the thing about spending less on a house’s building materials – you have some extra money left over for the furnishings!

5a. A very contemporary character

Of course opting for low-cost housing does not necessarily mean you are limited to rustic-looking cottages. 

Who would have guessed that this super contemporary house’s costs are light years from an arm and a leg? Yet with the right touches (the pebble garden, the steely grey façade, the sharp lines, etc.) a look of elegance is successfully achieved.

5b. The practical entryway

If you’re not big, then you need to be clever – that’s the lesson we can take away from this stunning house. 

See how it opts for an entryway that gets straight to the point (the kitchen is located on the immediate left) while firmly taking care of any possible clutter (shoes, scarves, jackets, etc.) that might come trampling inside by placing a cupboard and storage area on the right.

6a. A chalet-like stone house

Using stone for a structure is not as expensive as many people think. 

This beautiful two-storey home was constructed on a strict budget (complete with wooden windows and shutters), yet looks positively dreamy, especially once the rural landscape in the background is factored in.

6b. Wood and more wood

Seeing as the exterior façade is such a hit visually, it was decided to deck the interiors out in a natural material as well. Wood, you never fail to amaze us!

7a. A monochrome approach

Our last example shows us how to dress up a façade that has a pretty ordinary structure (no balconies or niches or any interesting shapes on the front side to grab attention): go with a classic colour scheme (black and white never fails) and ensure a touch of gardening for a soft look (potted plants are perfect).

7b. Clean and spacious

Seeing as this house is also quite modest in size, the interiors had to be clever with its choice in furnishings and décor pieces. 

Look and learn – this bedroom opts for almost no additional pieces, yet still looks far from dull or unfinished thanks to the funky colours, natural lighting, and clever choice in hardwood floors that add texture, pattern and colour into the scene. 

Of course we always have more tips and tricks for your bedroom, such as these: 15 unique headboards you will love!

Which of these detached homes would you move into?

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