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Is this Wales' most beautiful home?

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When talking about homes in Wales you probably imagine a quaint cottage made of rustic stone, right? Well, today we present you with proof of a modern alternative.  When futuristic home design and rustic materials combine, the results can be staggering, which is exactly what has happened with the 'Silver House'.

The project is the brainchild of Welsh architects Hyde + Hyde, with 3D visualisations provided by Portuguese experts, Metro Cúbico Digital. Obtuse angles, dramatic stonework and a warm wooden interior coexist to create a home that is like no other and, while the outside requires more than just a second look, inside, it is just as unusual and enticing.

Let's take a closer look at this fascinating build to see exactly what makes it so special and unusual!

Strange proportions

What really strikes us about the Silver House is that it's hard to focus on just one element of the external front façade. Do we look at the dramatic sloping box to the top right? The front-facing cube to the top left? The natural stonework on the ground-floor? Or the integral staircase that separates the two sections of the house straight through the middle? 

The answer is, of course, that we look at each and every section, whilst paying attention to how it interacts with the others to create a whole. Though on paper it shouldn't work and look cohesive, we have to say that in reality, it really does.

A subtle selection

You would be forgiven for assuming the rear of the property would be just as eclectic and bizarre as the front, but we love to surprise you by saying that it's not! In fact, the back view is remarkably normal, making the front even more dramatic and unusual.

Great swathes of glazing have been installed to guarantee that the living spaces are drenched in sunlight, regardless of the time of day. We love the almost uniform shapes being used as a beautiful contrast to the seeming randomness of the other perspectives. 

What a heady juxtaposition this house is!

When the night draws in

Something we've noticed is that modern builds with ample glazing can lose their sparkle when night time falls, as they're so dependent on the influx of sunlight to look spacious and welcoming. Fortunately, that's not the case here, with warm interior lighting essentially taking up the mantle of the sun, keeping the interior feeling cosy and invigorating.

We can already see from here that there's a spacious living room and tastefully decorated bedroom to explore, with both looking to have a large amount of natural wood and neutral colours in situ. 

Let's take a look…

Love to lounge

Love to lounge is right because we don't know if we'd ever be able to tear ourselves away from this stunning space! 

The slanted roof naturally draws the eye towards the view outside, while extensive glazing helps to ensure that there's a constant source of light and warmth present. We're always pleased to see a well thought out open-plan space and this one is no exception, with the kitchen and dining area blending seamlessly into the relaxation zone where the sofa resides.

What a difference a view makes

Can you imagine sitting at this dining table and trying to concentrate on your food with a view like that just outside the window? No, neither can we!

The huge amount of natural wood in this space effortlessly creates a warm ambience and we love that in order to differentiate the living room from the dining area, a fluffy rug has been employed as a cordoning off tool. 

Nothing has been left to chance in this space, with overhead lamps perfectly positioned above the table and sheer drapes adding some pretty soft furnishings without overshadowing or impairing the view.

Restful room

What a charming bedroom that seeks to only feature what you need for a restful night's sleep. An elegant bed and a chic chair are more than enough furniture, and to wake up to such an amazing view must be a luxury most of us can only dream of. 

The extra glazing, in the form of the gable end, ensures maximum light into this first-floor space and, with neutral tones and natural materials reigning supreme, we think this is one build that has it all: eclectic shapes, innovative design and classic décor.

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