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Bedroom colour ideas

James Rippon James Rippon
St James's Gardens, London Nelson Design Limited Modern style bedroom
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The colours we choose to decorate our homes with can greatly effect our moods and emotions, and you may not even be aware of it. While colours such as red evoke instant thoughts of love and passion, it can also create different moods that we may not know about. We spend so much of our lives in bed, so the room we see ourselves in for a third of every day should be full of positive energy, which can easily be created using different colours, depending our your personality. Check out our bedroom colour schemes and ideas below!

Pure white bedroom colour schemes

South Brompton Apartments, London PAD ARCHITECTS Minimalist bedroom

South Brompton Apartments, London


White is an obvious colour choice for the bedroom, with thoughts of purity and calm instantly coming to mind when we think of this colour. While some might argue white technically is not a colour, but rather the absence of colour, its positive effects are many. Nothing beats the feeling of fresh white bedsheets in a clean and fresh white bedroom. 

Purple blue & grey bedroom colours

St James's Gardens, London Nelson Design Limited Modern style bedroom
Nelson Design Limited

St James's Gardens, London

Nelson Design Limited

Something a little more moody, this bedroom in tones of blue, purple and grey mixes the energy created by these three colours into one room that looks cosy and snug, and conducive to a good night's rest. Purple has been associated with royalty, luxury, magic and mystery, spirituality, peace and wisdom. 

Beige bedroom colour schemes

The colour beige is a neutral colour, evoking feelings of calm and relaxation. Beige is a colour seen throughout nature, which is sure to bring a warm and peaceful feeling into your bedroom. Sometimes seen as a boring or dull colour, this bedroom of various textures and soft lighting proves otherwise.

Eye popping bedroom feature walls

City Centre Apartment, Northern Quarter, Manchester, UK Flawless Concepts Ltd Modern style bedroom
Flawless Concepts Ltd

City Centre Apartment, Northern Quarter, Manchester, UK

Flawless Concepts Ltd

For those a little more daring, there is no harm in incorporating your favourite colour into the bedroom. After all, this room is all about you, and your personality should be reflected in the choices of colours, materials and decorations that make your bedroom inviting to no one other than you. Against tones of timber and white, this room has been given a jab of life with pink. The eye-popping effect given off by any bold colour choice in the bedroom can easily be achieved through the use of a feature wall, rather than painting the whole room. This way it is not too overpowering, and can easily be repainted in an afternoon to reflect changes in personality.

Dress up your bedroom with red

Not only is using white as a dominant colour in itself the perfect way to create a feeling of calm in your bedroom, but character and vitality can easily be added with simple yet effective decorations. Here, all it took was some throw cushions and bright red bed side tables to easily create a personal space. Red is a very emotionally intense colour; maybe more so than any other. Red is related to feelings of love, lust and passion, as well as feelings of energy, danger, and even strength. Red is also known to increase metabolism; notice how many food and drink companies use red in their branding and advertising! Too much red and your mind will race, so best to stick to using it sparingly, and in combination with neutral tones. 

Don't be scared to use black in the bedroom

Bedroom interior Graham D Holland Modern style bedroom
Graham D Holland

Bedroom interior

Graham D Holland

Black is colour that is all too often left out of a bedroom, but being the colour of night, why not try using a little black to give your room something different? Monochrome interiors are becoming more and more popular, and when used correctly, can be anything but negative. As you can see, this room has been given an air of elegance and luxury without feeling like a black hole, still allowing plenty of natural light and vibrance to flood the room. For more monochrome interiors, check out our article on black and white design.

What colour would you use to decorate your next bedroom renovation? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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